1- ACP Stories: The Beginning



Chapter 1

The U.S. army was patrolling in Baghdad, Iraq. Everything seemed fairly normal. But then, something fell out of the sky. They ran up, cocking their guns. They looked in, only to see a sort of metal. They then realized the metal had a whole body, and not just a piece. The metal man (nicknamed tin man later on) stood up unsteadily and looked at the humans standing in front of him. The soldiers fired like crazy, but their bullets didn’t even dent the tin man. He took out his weaponry of his own (way more advanced than ours), and demolished the soldiers.
The tin man walked right into Baghdad, seeing adults with guns while children hid in corners. Then the tin man processed to the leader of the tin mans who was waiting with the rest of the army for their first move that only the adults would be a threat on this planet, and that the children would be no threat in their rampage.

Chapter 2

In Orlando, Florida, 13 year old Daniel woke up as usual, crept past his brother’s room, and leaped for the computer chair. He looked at the Army of Club Penguin website for new updates, skimming through it, only looking for times and dates. His motto was “all you need is to be there to get the reward”. So after learning of another practice battle, Daniel went onto Xat. He logged into it, but realized something. His brother’s xat name had erased his, as it occasionally did. So Daniel quickly erased his brother’s name and entered his, thus logging in not a second after he was done typing it in. He skimmed the sidebar for friends or familiar faces. He saw enough to keep him on.
“Hey guys!” said Daniel’s alter ego, Packer1 Nfl.
“Hey pack!”
“Hey packer!”
“Hey packer”, said Packer’s friend klug.
“Hey toilet”, replied Packer.
And starting there, a normal routine started on chat; stating new news, talking about new TV shows, new jokes and more. But one topic was discussed a lot.
“Guys, did you hear about that meteor that hit right outside of Baghdad?” said the Retired 2 in command of ACP, Jedimaster17.
“Yeah, now we can finally get our troops outta Iraq now!” said the boasting Tylo.
“Agreed!” shouted Mitch, giving tylo a virtual hi five.
“Guys shut it” said the non-enthusiastic Packer about the idea.
“GUYS!” screamed Enn as he entered the chat room, “Go to Fox News!”
Packer turned on the TV, getting ready for the news station to bring up the Baghdad attack.
“…and this is why we are giving North Korea 10 days to stop these Metal Weapon attacks, or to be bombed. Thank you.”
Packer watched as the Secretary of Defense left the news conference.
“Dang I just missed it!” said Packer, intrigued by the idea of another life form.
“Its nothing special; all we have to do is nuke North Korea the hell off of Earth” said one of the Nachos of Club Penguin leaders, Person1233.
Packer stayed on for most of the day, sharing opinions of the attack with his comrades. He then clicked the red X of the internet, getting ready to go to bed.
Daniel woke up that morning, and crept past his brother who was sleeping. He leaped for the computer, and went onto the Army of Club Penguin site. He looked at the new post, and saw something weird. He saw a new post on the site. It looked like a weird language, but he didn’t understand it. So he logged onto ACP chat for the day, everyone discussing the post. At 4 PM eastern time, a ray of light shone out of every computer screen that an ACP soldier was on. Daniel blacked out.

Chapter 3

Daniel awoke in an odd place. It had one window, with gray walls. It reminded him of a…….. POLICE STATION! Daniel almost hyperventilated, thinking of the possible things he could have gotten arrested for. “Using up the whole neighborhood’s electricity” came to mind. Or maybe his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Sparrow, had finally told the cops about him stealing that Lego piece from the classroom. Daniel sat in the chair, shivering. A dress-suited man came into the room. He sat down across from Daniel, intimidating Daniel for some reason.
“Are you Daniel _______, AKA Packer1 Nfl?” asked the mysterious man.
“Yes sir” responded Daniel.
“Have you been active in an online branch off of Club Penguin called the Army of Club Penguin?”
“Well, we call it ACP” snapped Daniel back, having second thoughts of sounding like a brat.
“Ok, come with me ‘Packer’” said the suited man.
Daniel wandered through the building, very confused. He saw the latest in technology for computers all around him. They finally arrived in a room with many kids his age.
“Here’s soldier: Packer1 Nfl” said the suited man, practically flinging Daniel to the ground.
The suited man left the room, leaving these couple hundred kids with a fairly old man, or at least that’s what Daniel supposed.
“Good day, everyone. I expect you don’t know why the hell you are here. Sorry, am I allowed to use that word around your age group? “
No one answered him.
“Anyway, you all are here for a reason. You all have been drafted to fight in a war against these new metal robots. The operation is called Operation: Tin Man, because of the attack at Bagh-“
“Wait, so where the hell are we?” asked Foxtails. Confused much like the others, she had to ask.
“That is not the way you talk to me, soldier. We are at an FBI station that no one knows about. And I am Secretary of Defense for the United States or America, Robert Gates.”
“So….. are you related to Bill Gates?” asked edwadu. Packer smacked his forehead with his hand in the background.
“No I am not, and the reason we chose you, the ACP, is for 2 reasons. The first reason, is that the Tin Men have found out that adults are the dangerous ones, so if an army of children went to battle, they wouldn’t have known they were evil. And two, the Army of Club Penguin is the most military-like game that involves you in the game that is used by children. It is also growing.”
“So you want us to go out there to kill some robots? What if we die?” ask an anonymous soldier.
“Your deaths will be for freedom of this Earth, not for fun.”
“Ok, this sounds awesome and all, but where do I get outta here?” Klug asked, very near breaking point.
“You cannot leave soldier, you have been drafted.”
“My mom’s going to kill me. I should have never gotten one of the leader roles” said meat AKA seanehawk.
There were many voices talking all at once, easily drowning out the sound of Robert Gates.
“SHUT UP!” shouted the secretary of defense. Robert walked up to the first row, pointing at a kid.
“umm…. Noah.”
“No, your ACP name”
“Oh, ok. 24Keyser”
And after going through all of the role call, the Secretary brought up a huge point.
“You shall no longer go by your real name in this war; now, we will know you as your ACP names.”
There was some agreement and disagreement, but everyone went along with it. Then about 100 men in suits came into the room.
“These men will show you to your rooms. These rooms will be where you stay for training.”
A suited man walked Packer to his room.
“Room #124A. Here we are!” said the man.
“Wait, isn’t “A” not a number? Asked the fairly confused Packer,
The man got to eye level with Packer, and whispered:
“If we just had numbers, then the FBI wouldn’t be so special, would it?”
Packer jumped onto his bed, noticing there were four in the room. “Who gets to be the lucky ladies to stay in my room?” Packer thought to himself. At that moment, Ennbay, Divotoo, and Boomer20 walked into the room.
“What the-” asked Packer
“One gender rooms” replied Enn, seeming as gloom about it as Packer.
“WOOT! Partay!” screamed Div, jumping on the bed.
“You do know we all might not even make it back home?” said Boomer, bringing down the mood again.
Packer, Enn, and Div looked at each other, mumbling under their breathe. But then, Boomer turned on his iPod and said, “Let’s enjoy these possible last days of our lives as best as possible!” And they danced the night away. Packer then saw an “emergency phone” that led to the front office of the building.
“Can I help you?” ask the attendant at the desk.
“Yes, um, what are you all telling our parents about what happened?” asked Packer, worried for their sake.
“We said you were going to Summer Camp” said the attendant, calmly.
Packer sat on his bed and rubbed his face. “I wonder what they say when someone dies at ‘Summer Camp’”……..



Chapter 4

“Wake up MAGGOTS!”

Packer sat up right away, bumping his head on the top bunk. He looked around the room, realizing yesterday was not a dream.
“What time is it?” asked Div, definitely not enthusiastic about getting up so early after partying.
“It’s Five AM, and apparently wake up time” yawned Boomer.
All four of them woke up and put on their training uniforms, looking pretty cool on the guys. But when the girls came into the main hall, you could hear snickering in every corner.
“Hey everyone! It’s the trash pick up crew!” yelled Edwadu across the room, obviously enjoying the new uniforms.
“Wanna see a broken nose?” replied Fox, obviously having the opposite opinion as Ed.
Not one second after Fox’s reply, Robert Gates came into the room.
“I see you all got up well, good to see you all have the discipline to get up this early” said Robert.
“Not that we like it…” whispered Bfan.
“Today you will do a series of tasks, preparing you for war against this robot species we now call the “Androids”. Said the Secretary of Defense.
“Sounds pimp,” said Thebest, looking more excited for the training than anything else in his life.
“First, you must go to the boxing room and work on your physical strength. Next, you must go through a room with pillars everywhere, to work on agility. And last, you must complete the vigorous obstacle course to train with stamina and speed. Got it? Go!”
Everyone stood around, very confused. Then about 5 people ran to the boxing room, and the rest followed.
“So…. Tiring….” Said Catdemon.
“This is nothing compared to basketball, right Packer?” asked Houndy.
“Uh huh; you’re absolutely right…” said Packer, apparently not having as well a stamina as Houndy.
After many vigorous hours of the routine, Packer, Enn, Div, and Boomer all flopped on their beds, exhausted.
“That… was… hell…” said Enn, out of breathe.
“AGREED” said the others in chorus.
After many weeks of vigorous training, the ACP was ready for combat.
“I’ve never been so proud of you all. Give me a moment!” said Robert Gates, near tears.
The ACP then walked outside, ready for role call. There would be a lot of divisions, and then squads in them.
“Alright, listen up! When I hand out these I.D.s, it will have what division and what squad on them” said an agent, having a pile of I.D.s in his hand.
A little over two hours later, every card was handed out. Packer was in Division Delta, Squad 15. He would be the co-leader of his squad, as Boomer20 would lead the squad. He didn’t recognize others in his group but his friends Houndy and Sonic. As ACP soldiers loaded the vehicles that would take some of them to doom, Packer couldn’t stop shaking.
“Don’t worry Packer; if we supposed to die, then we will die. If we supposed to live, we will live.” Said Boomer, noticing the nervous look on Packer’s face. Packer then had an interesting thought:
“What if I’m supposed to die?”


Chapter 5

Gunfire in the distance. Bombs bursting. Packer’s heart beating like a drum during the civil war. These were the things he heard, and maybe even the last things he would hear. Their vehicle was near the battlegrounds, and he was too scared to even think about getting off and losing his life. Their vehicle came to a stop. “Why are we stopping?!” Packer thought urgently.

“Ok, here’s our battle plan. There’s some energy thing in this area that if the androids get it, they can restore their army, kinda like bringing the destroyed androids back to life. Our job as Delta today is to protect that source, while Alpha will attack up front and Echo from behind. Any questions?” ask Boomer.

“Yeah… am I going to die out here?” ask keyser.

“I wish I could guarantee you life, but I can’t.” answered Boomer honestly.

“Ok, cmon guys! No time to lose!” said Jingle, just a little in the distance.

Then the androids turned and saw the ACP. They raised their weapons.

“Now those are weapons” remarked Sonic.

“Let’s get this over with”, said Houndy, loading his machine gun.

The androids then started marching towards us, gunfire ringing in the field. Quite a few squads died from their vehicles becoming ablaze. Packer noticed one squad that was going to need help. Jingle’s squad! Packer started to walk towards them, but by the time he got to them, Brad448 and Jingle had jumped out of their vehicle, the others burning with the vehicle.

“They… didn’t… make it…” remarked Brad in a low voice.

“We have no time to moan about who’s dead and who’s not. Now come on!” announced Jingle.

Then Packer saw as Delta moved towards the androids to protect the energy source in the middle in a type of line-fashion. Packer’s heart was beating quickly. He began seeing black around his eyes. He tripped on something and blacked out.

“HOUNDY I NEED COVER FIRE OVER HERE, DAMMIT!” shouted an anonymous voice.

Packer woke up in the back of the battle, in the Medic Station. He woke up to see Sheila Gally, his friend who was working this station.

“…Sheila’s Coffeeshop was right… you are a medic here…,” said the weary Packer.

“Nah, I just kinda like doing this; the whole ‘helping you peers’ thing” remarked Sheila.

“Well I need to get back to battle now…” announced Packer, right before unsteadily getting out of bed. His legs were shaking like maracas.

“Not yet Pack, you need some rest. If you black out again, I can’t promise we can get you off the battlefield again so soon.” Denied Sheila.

“I guess I’ll stay…” agreed Packer, anything but wholeheartedly.

After about 1 hour in the station, Packer woke up and put on his uniform. Sheila was taking a nap for now, so he quickly crept past her and the patients, only recognizing Tylo of all the patients. “Arm shot” was what Tylo mouthed quietly to Packer. When Packer came out, it looked as if the- wait, that’s impossible- the ACP had to upper hand! Packer saw the Air Force attacking from above, this particular squad led by Ed, killing huge amounts of androids. Packer ran out into the far back, firing bullets like crazy, not knowing if they were hitting anyone though. The androids then started to leave. And one was still near the defense, which Packer saw Sonic snipe right at the android’s waist, letting it fall to defeat.

“Have a good nap, Packer?” asked Sonic and Houndy in unison, apparently liking the idea of Packer missing out and them being the heroes.

“Aw, shut up” remarked Packer.

“Listen up! Ok, good work today Delta. You showed our pride by kicking butt out there. I’m not really sure how we did it, but we managed to pull out a victory out of this. So keep it up, and good work soldiers,” announced Meat to the crowd of victorious soldiers.

The ACP soldiers reloaded the vehicles and started their journey back to a new base, where there was no FBI, just ACP, with Saint being in charge there.

“I hope this base is better,” exclaimed Sonic, now having bragging rights of his sniper shot on that last android.

“How can it be better? We had great food and great training equipment back at the FBI place.” Debated Uno.

“Oh yeah? At least I bet the rooms will have no letters in their dorm numbers.” Predicted Houndy.

“AGREED.” The vehicle sang in unison.


Chapter 6

By the time the ACP had arrived at their new base, it was dinnertime, and many people were getting cranky.

“I’m starving…”
“We just fought a war, cmon lets eat!”
“I want chicken NOW!”
These were many comments Packer heard on the way to the base. But when they arrived, they were surprised. It looked exactly like the FBI base from before, only, no FBI.
“Dejavu!” announced Bfan, in awe of the similarities.
“Ok, everyone can go get into your rooms with the roommates you had before.” Announced a female voice, although no one knew who it was.
Enn, Boomer, Div, and me arrived at the room and put all our supplies away when an intercom came on.
“Everyone please report to auditorium for a brief speech.”
“I wonder who’s making it,” thought Enn out loud.
We all arrived and I sat next to Sheila and Fox. We looked up and saw an empty podium.
“How late were we?” whispered Div to me.
Then came a girl who looked 14 and stood at the podium. She looked very serious, and then she began her speech.
“Hello everyone of ACP. That battle out there today was just a training course. The war is only going to get worse from here on in. If you haven’t already predicted, I am Saint, leader of the ACP. It is my honor to lead us through this war. And I know we are all mainly children, but as you saw out there, children can prosper. We are capable of more than we credit each other. We can actually win this war, and not even lose a lot of soldiers. And I know if we stick together, we can get the job done and be global heroes. And parents will realize what kids are capable of when we put our minds on a goal. So let’s get out there and win this challenging war.”
Saint then exited off the stage, everyone just murmuring and whispering about the speech. No one really understood it. No one realized how terrifying war was, the way Packer had blacked out before. They all thought it was fun to shoot, but that war back that was simple. Packer knew Saint was right; it would all get harder from here. And Packer didn’t know it, but he would have to make a life-changing decision in only a couple days that would change many peoples lives forever.

Chapter 7


Packer sat up in his bed. He looked over at his alarm clock. It read, “3:45″. Packer got up and decided to walk to halls a little. While he was walking, he saw a figure in the dark. Packer thought, “Who is that? Why is he here of all places?”. Packer walked up to the man.
“Hello? Who are you?” asked Packer.
“You don’t need to know, just follow me.” Said the mysterious man.
Packer did as he said and went to his vehicle. When they arrived at the place, Packer was in awe. It looked like a huge science lab. The man gestured Packer to keep close behind, as they went inside. Packer saw electronics just as hi tech as the FBI’s.
“Why am I here, sir?” asked Packer, now just thinking he was dreaming.
“You need to know more about your enemy before you go into combat with them; that is why you are here,” announced the man.
“Well, what is your name?” again asked Packer
“I am Professor Johnson, and I need to help you all before you go to combat again.” Declared Johnson.
Packer then walked with Johnson to a room full of tubes and acid in chambers and then Packer noticed something. He saw, floating in the acid, an… ANDROID!
“Why is THAT thing here?” questioned Packer.
“I had to do test studies on it so that I could learn about this ‘specimen’” recalled Johnson
” So why did these androids come to Earth now?” asked Packer.
“Now? Surely you are mistaken, boy.” Said Johnson.
Johnson got to eye level with Packer.
“These specimen have been to this planet and back for as far as mankind can remember. They have advanced as we have.” Proclaimed the Professor.
“Woah” Packer remarked.
“Yes, well during the years, I have learned a defense type of metal against these androids.” Announced Johnson.
“Which is…” started Packer.
“Magnesium. When their missles explode, they have a toxin in it. Well these suits can protect you from that toxin and you can communicate together with these adjustments on the helmets.” Pronounced Johnson.
“So what do I do with these suits?” asked Packer, knowing he couldn’t take every suit back by himself.
“I shall help.” Answered Johnson.
By 5:10, Johnson and Packer were back at the base, bringing in the new supplies. By 5:45, they were done.
“Thanks.”said Packer.
“My pleasure.” Responded Johnson.
“Hey, I have one more question” Packer remarked.
“Yes?” asked the Professor.
“Why did these androids come to earth back then?” asked Packer.
“Because Packer, their bodies used to be nothing but flesh like ours. But they came to Earth for Magnesium, and now that is what their body is covered with. Their flesh is now magnesium, and they need magnesium to protect injured androids. And in this galaxy, Earth has the most magnesium. Magnesium is the eighth most abundant mineral on Earth. That is why they came.”
And then Johnson drove off, while Packer went back to bed, only to be awoken ten minutes later by the “ooo’s” and “aaah’s” of everyone who saw the new supplies.
“Now THIS is pimp,” remarked Thebest, enjoying the new uniform made of magnesium.
“Ok everyone, now with these suits, it came with some colored things. We will let Major Generals and higher use the color marks on their armor so we know who is in charge of a squad. And Packer picked up the dark red and started marking his armor with it.
“But doesn’t this also make us easier targets for the androids?” whispered Jingle.
Packer could only shrug about his opinion.



Chapter 8


Three hours. That’s how long it took everyone to find his or her own armor. They had to choose from size and then the Major Generals and higher had to wait until another person was done with the coloring tool.
“Hurry up, girls! You take as long here as you do fixing your hair!” said Ed, obviously annoyed.
“Shut up Ed!” all the girls said in unison.
After those grueling hours, the ACP finally got to the battlefield, where they saw androids coming up in the distance. The odd thing was, the closer they seemed to get, and the longer it took. After 45 minutes, Iasgae fell asleep with pudding in hand.
“Wake up Iasgae! We’re going to war, not the pudding festival” Demanded Boomer, knocking Ias’s pudding out of hand.
“You owe me a pudding” remarked Ias.
Within an hour, the androids were in firing range. Then the gunfire began. Everyone was running crazy, all too scared to die. Packer was running from gunfire, and then he finally found refuge behind a rock, meeting up with Ktman.
“Kt, there’s way to many out there,” pronounced Packer.
“We just gotta keep fighting Packer,” Kt demanded.
Then Ktman and Packer ran to the other side of the battlefield, throwing grenades at the enemy. Packer thought of it as slo-mo, Kt thought of it as hell.
“Boomer, there’s a whole in their front line. If we can get through there with enough men, we can destroy them from the inside out,” suggested Packer.
“Sounds good. Alright, Ctar! Tylo! Cody! Over here!” proclaimed Boomer.
“We need to get through that whole and kill them from inside out. Got it?” asked Boomer
“Got it!” announced the squad.
So Boomer, Packer, Ctar, Tylo, Cody, Ktman, Iasgae, Sonic, and Houndy all went on the important mission. They quickly ran through the battle, Las and Houndy providing cover fire. As soon as they arrived near the whole, Boomer gave directions:
“Packer, Ias, Tylo, and Ctar; you all need to go through that hole to the back of their army, while me, Sonic, Cody, Ktman and Houndy will provide cover fire and once you all start firing, we will come in as well, ok?” Boomer asked.
“Ok!” again exclaimed the soldiers.
Packer couldn’t stop thinking of the huge chance of dying during this mission. He just kept telling himself, “pull it off, and we win”. So then on “three!” the four soldiers ran through the enemies front lines, charging the back of the army. But what they didn’t know DID hurt them. The androids had built a Magnesium, Space-looking tank, right at the back. Packer screamed, “FALL BACK!” but it was too late… The explosion was heard throughout the whole battlefield, and those four soldiers were lying on the ground still, soaked in blood.



Chapter 9


The soldiers who provided cover fire found refuge behind some unleveled ground, looking on their fellow soldiers, not knowing who was dead or if they all were dead. All they could do was watch; they felt as if their bodies had frozen.
Meanwhile, Hasanb entered the Medic Station, informing Sheila of the injured soldiers. They then got Cas to come with them to help rescue any survivors.
“What if no one is alive?” asked Cas, thinking of the jeopardy they’d be in if they went into the middle of battle for nothing.
“Well, it’s a risk we all must be willing to take,” reminded Sheila, not wanting to find four corpses on the ground.
Shock. That was what came to mind to Packer. He almost felt as if screaming from the horror of that event, but only kept quiet. He turned over on his side to see if Ias was ok, but his eyes stared back at Packer with a blank expression, never to blink again. Packer felt as if vomiting at the moment, but he knew that’d just waste time and waste any rescue’s time of his. So Packer stayed still in the grass, feeling a sharp pain in his upper left arm, his neck too stiff to turn to see what was causing the pain.
Then Packer saw an android coming his way. He tried to grab any weapons on him, which he had a pistol. The android instead walked over to Ctar, and decided to kill him.
“Put the gun down…” wearily spoke Ctar, before being shot to his death.
Next, the android walked over to Tylo, aiming at his chest. He was about to pull the trigger, when something felt odd. The android looked down to see a hole in his chest from a sniper. Packer knew at heart that Sonic had been behind the sniping. Just as that happened, Hasanb, Cas, and Sheila arrived. They all helped get Packer and Tylo out of harm’s way, Packer just staring ahead of him.
“Packer… it’s Sheila. You’re going to be ok. Just relax and you will be in safety in no time,” stated Sheila to Packer, who was being lifted onto a medic vehicle along side Tylo.
“Packer! Tylo!” was what Packer heard from the cover fire soldiers, not able to identify who was saying what.
In two minutes, Packer had arrived at Medic Station, getting used to the place, for this was his second visit.
“It’s not that bad once you get used to it…” wearily stated Packer, feeling as if he was in another universe.
“Ok Packer, we are going to see your cuts and where the blood is, so be patient.” Reminded Hasanb.
After 25 hours of his cuts being pressed on and pain rising through his body, Sheila finally came to a diagnostic. Packer had multiple cuts on his face, since his helmet was forcibly thrown off of him from the blast, two broken ribs, and a shard of metal had gotten into Packer’s arm, which was removed shortly after. It was getting dark, and the ACP and androids had called peace for the night. Tylo was asleep quickly, his pain only by random cuts all over his arms and face that caused all the bleeding. But Packer layed in bed, waiting to get better; waiting to help his squad again.
“God, please heal me by tomorrow so I can go kick android butt and get revenge on that freaking tank,” Packer replayed in his mind, knowing that this was an impossible prayer, but he had to try.
By morning, ACP led an early assault on the androids, attacking from near surprise. Packer moaned as he sat up to watch from the window, but could only stay sat up for twenty seconds and then stayed down for thirty seconds. Packer watched as androids fell like bricks to the ground, also watching the same thing happen to fellow ACP soldiers. By sunset, the third day of battle lay ahead, and the Medic Station was very lively. As Packer watched the sun set on the battlefield with fallen androids and soldiers, Packer realized how blessed he was to not end up like one of them. Packer saluted the fallen soldiers and turned off his room lamp.



Chapter 10


Wake up! Eat your soup! Take your medicine! Watch battle! Go to sleep. This was the routine for Packer and Tylo for the next four days. They would watch the battle as if it was an Imax movie. They also dreaded every time someone would be blown to pieces from the tank that they hated. They watched every night, as the tank would pull back to the android camp, the pilot having quite a bit of bragging rights to his peers. But one night, Tylo and Packer had had it.

“Tylo?” asked Packer.

“Huh?” was the response.

“Let’s sneak out. That tank has not only killed our comrades in our squad, but comrades in our army. It’s a huge casualty in this battle, and we can destroy it now!” suggested Packer.

“Sounds good. Let’s go!” Tylo cheered.

Packer and Tylo quietly passed by Sheila, Hasanb and Cas, jumping onto the mini jeep war car and started on their mission. From two hundred yards from the camp, the two stopped the jeep and hid in the brush.

“Ok, we have to get passed those guards and then get to the jeep. Then when I signal it, you run over and put the grenade on the tank and we run ok?” announced Packer.

“Sounds like a plan…” agreed Tylo.

So then Packer and Tylo ran right near the entrance to the place where the guards were waiting. Packer threw a smoke grenade and signaled for Tylo to go. Tylo ran at a very fast pace while being elusive, and made it to the tank. He put the bomb on the tank and wondered where Packer was. He waited and waited. Then the smoke started clearing up, and the androids circled around Tylo at gunpoint.

“Aw crap!” was Tylo’s remark, until he saw a light in the field.

Going around seventy-MPH, Packer came in the jeep, and ran over all the androids.

“You coming?” he asked Tylo.

Tylo could only manage a slight nod. Then they drove off into the field before they heard…. BANG! The tank was destroyed, and this battle was even again.

Packer and Tylo then returned to the Medic Station where they saw Sheila wide awake, reading a report on the war from Saint.

“Hello Packer, hello Tylo. What were you all doing out so late?” asked Sheila slyly.

“We were… on a walk.” Packer quickly thought up.

Packer and Tylo slowly walked to their beds, making sure to look as weak as possible to Sheila. Sheila didn’t buy it. Sheila had saw the jeep go out to the enemy camp and watched as Packer and Tylo parked it back in it’s spot. When the lights went out, Sheila whispered to herself, “What am I going to do with them?”



Chapter 11


Two weeks after the tank bombing, the ACP has won, yet, another battle against the androids. Saint decides it is time for a new attack plan. Saint takes all the squad leader forms and picked out ten soldiers for a special mission. Saint then picked up the announcement microphone and said these people:

“Boomer, Fox, Cas, Klug, Tylo, Blueh, Enn, Thebest, Div, and Packer; report to the meeting room now,” announced Saint.

The ten soldiers arrived in the meeting room, picking out a chair to sit in and waited for Saint’s news. There was random whistling, random tapping, and humming throughout the room until Saint walked in.

“Hello, everyone. I’m sure you all don’t know why you are here, so I will explain. That tank at our latest battle was a complete surprise to us. We were lucky it got destroyed randomly, or else we wouldn’t of won that battle…” announced Saint, while Packer and Tylo gave thumps up from opposite sides of the table.

“…The point is, we need you ten to go into the android storage center and find out what they plan on building. If it’s not built yet, steal the plans, if it is built, destroy it. Understand?” asked Saint.

There were random murmurs throughout the room, but everyone agreed to it.

“Ok, good. You will get to use these jeeps again, two people per jeep. Alright, the jeeps will be ready by 6:15 AM tomorrow. I hope you all will be ready and sort the pairing without conflict,” Saint remarked.

By six, everyone was outside, in the jeeps, ready to go. The pairing was Boomer and Fox, Cas and Tylo, Klug and Blueh, Enn and Thebest, along with Packer and Div.

“Let’s do this!” They all chanted, as they drove into the sunrise, not knowing which eight people out of the ten would return…



Chapter 12

The drive to the base was very boring for the most part. Everyone mainly watched the foliage while the driver watched the road. It wasn’t until 8:30 when things got intense. While they were driving, about half a mile away, a bazooka was hidden in the trees, ready to strike unwanted visitors. The android stepped out and shot the missile. It hit the ground right before Cas and Tylo’s jeep. Their jeep went rolling, while the others jammed into each other.

“What was that?!” asked Div, apparently not liking the situation.

“I don’t know… but let’s keep close and keep our eyes peeled.” Suggested Boomer.

Everyone nodded in agreement. After Tylo and Cas safely escaped their jeep, they all headed out, their guns loaded and ready. After arriving near the base, the ten soldiers hid behind a tree, figuring out a way to get passed the guards.

“Ok, how about someone charges them, while the others go to the side, and get them to surrende-” suggested Boomer, before being cut off from gunfire.

Everyone looked to see the guards drop dead. Klug, Blueh, Packer, and Div, had their guns still aimed in the guards direction.

“Ok, that works, too…” said Boomer, astonished of how easy that was.

The ten soldiers then ran up to the gate, not knowing how to hack the electric box.

“Step aside boys, and watch how girls do this!” bragged Fox, as she shot the electric box until it overloaded, opening the gate.

“Nice!” Cas remarked.

They maneuvered inside the building until Boomer realized something.

“Wait a minute! We can’t just run to the storage depot and get killed. We have to destroy the camera room and communication room. Where are they?” asked Boomer.

“Well, this helmet feature for overview says that they are in the same room.” Responded Packer.

“Well, that makes it even easier!” rejoiced Thebest.

Boomer gave out commands and for which group to go where.

“Ok, Tylo, Cas, Klug, Blueh, Div; you all will get into the control room and destroy it, alloying me, Fox, Packer, Thebest, and Enn to get into the storage machine depot and destroy the machines. Understood?” asked Boomer.

“Yeah Boomer.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

“Nice planning, Boomer!”

Then group one head off in the direction to destroy the communication room, while group two head off into the direction of the depot, not knowing which two they would not see again alive… Until, androids came and surrounded both squads! Group one shot the androids, picking them off one by one, while Group two used the butts of their guns to destroy the androids, until, Group one was surrounded. Group two watched in horror as they didn’t know what was going to happen. But then, they saw four run away while one soldier was killing all the androids, except he had one left. Group two turned to leave right before they heard…. GUNFIRE.



Chapter 13

(The Following Chapter takes place at the same time the Previous chapter did)



“Alright everyone! Hurry up! Hurry! We are going for patrol from a 10-mile radius from the base. Everyone here? Ok let’s go!” announced Saint, leading the ACP soldiers out of the base.

As Dryv closed the doors to the base, he locked it, making sure no one could get in or out. But not long after the ACP was out of sight, Thomas, Ktman, Wolvetone, Coolguy, Zdoger, Houndy, and Sonic ran at the door, hoping to meet up with the rest of the ACP. They all charged the door, only to get knocked down from the door not moving at all.

“Dang it! We’re too late!” moaned Wolvetone.

“So now what? We supposed to just sit here?” asked Zdoger, anything but fond of the idea.

“I guess so…” claimed Ktman, remembering the action at the previous battle.

After three hours locked up in the base, the seven ACP soldiers decided to make something of the “alone time”. They all picked up the left over raw meat, and started having a food fight. Right when Coolguy had Houndy at “meat-point”, the soldiers heard knocking at the door. Ktman and Sonic ran over to the door to see who was there at an hour of 8 at night.

“Someone’s a bit late…” Sonic started, before moving the blind, to see the face of evil.

Outside the base, a squad of androids had come to break in and destroy the base.

“Aw crap!” was Sonic’s first response, before being tackled to the ground by Ktman, covering his mouth.

“Shh….” Said Kt, worried for his life than anything else at the moment.

“Everything. Looks. Calm. Sir. Permission. To. Detonate. Explosives?” asked a random android.

“Permission. Granted.” Responded the possible leading android of the mission.

Ktman hand-signaled for Houndy and Coolguy to shoot any androids that come through the door. If they were overwhelmed, they would meet Kt and the others at the rally point. Houndy and Coolguy could feel the sweat dripping off of their foreheads.

“I’m actually going to die; I really am now…” Coolguy kept whispering to himself.

The soldiers heard something pressing buttons on a device and beeping, while the others made refuge right near the hall between the storage depot and the doorway where Houndy and Coolguy were stationed. There was a BOOM! And Thomas looked around the corner to see the door knocked off of its hinges. Houndy and Coolguy started firing, the androids pouring in. This would be a beginning of a long night, for all of them.



Chapter 14

(The Following Chapter takes place at the same time the Previous chapters did)



“We’ve been walking forever…”

“I’m tired…”

“When can we rest…”

These were the remarks Saint heard from soldiers on the patrol around the base. Saint just ignored them, knowing if they are tired, then they are tired, but we HAVE to check our area for androids.

“Saint. Half of our group is slowing down,” announced Meat.

“Well, tell them to catch up, Meat.” Answered Saint.

“The thing is… they can’t move. They all are laying in the grass; exhausted.” Challenged Meat.

“Ok, we will stop here for the night,” announced Saint, “Start putting your tents up, and have your guns always next to you when you sleep.”

Everyone started putting up tents, but one tent looked more like a pile of fabric and metal.

“Don’t worry, I got this!” Uno kept pleading to himself, not even noticing Meat watching next to him.

“Uno, I’m pretty sure this was first week training,” responded Meat, just watching the tent as he spoke.

“Yeah… but… I kinda don’t pay attention much,” Uno said, sounding embarrassed.

“Uno! Not paying attention is for school; not war!” demanded Meat, now helping Uno with his tent.

In forty-five minutes, every last soldier had put up their tent. There were five tents in a semi circle, and then a fire for about as far as you could see at night. Saint finally layed down in her sleeping bag and thought to herself, “Let’s just hope the motivation to get back to base keeps them moving”. And with that, she turned her lamp off. At 11:45 PM, Saint heard a scream, and a terrified one at that. Saint got up and ran outside, looking in the opposite direction of the soldier charging her. The soldier ended up bumping into Saint, too pumped up to calm down.

“Saint! Androids have invaded the camp! They destroyed a bunch of tent groups. You have to help us,” screamed Cat.

“Ok, well, you all stay together and don’t go wandering by yourself,” instructed Saint while putting on her armor and getting her weaponry.

Saint ran over to see what was happening. See made it to the outer rim of the campsite, seeing nothing. Until she heard something move. She shot at it until it fell. She looked to find it being an ACP soldier who an android had put some sort of metal thing on its neck that was strangling it.

“Just great,” Saint whispered to herself.

Then behind her she heard a scream. She looked to see the campsite she was just at was destroyed, all the soldiers lying on the ground dead. Saint made a run back to Central Campsite. She met up with the other leaders, and they discussed what to do.

“Ok, Dryv, you handle the East campsite; Stev, you handle West campsite; and Meat, you handle South campsite. I will handle North campsite. We have to get all the soldiers out of their tents and to bring their needs so that we can grenade bomb all those tents so that we destroy the androids,” insisted Saint.

After a grueling 15 minutes, Saint met up with the leaders again, with 70+ soldiers.

“They were all I could find,” said Saint, worried for the families of the others who died.

While throwing the grenades, they the metallic-ness of the androids run away from their direction, the ACP winning this “mini battle”.

“Saint!” yelled Kg.

“Kg! You’re ok,” yelled Saint, exhausted of what just happened.

Kg and Saint sat down, looking at the stars, when Saint started a conversation.

“Kg, these are real kids dying in this war. I have to lead these kids, not knowing when one will die. You don’t know how hard it is, to choose someone’s life or the battle victory. It’s just very overwhelming,” pleaded Saint, realizing how difficult this was.

“Well, all I know is that so far, you’ve been doing a pretty good job, Saint,” responded Kg. They said their “Good nights” and went to bed in their unharmed tents, while most of the ACP layed in fear out in the middle of Central Campsite. As Saint layed down for the second time, she knew that this patrol wasn’t over. It was just beginning.


Chapter 15

(A continuity of Chapter 12)


Packer’s entire group turned to see who had fallen from the other group. Packer and his group ran over to see a body on the ground, dead from a bullet to the heart. Packer pulled his Dog Tag (that they all had on their necks so they know who they are) off.

“It was… Cas…” Packer said mournfully.

“Just great! Our only medic on this mission is dead!” Fox shouted outraged about the lost of such a valuable soldier on a mission like this.

“We just gotta keep moving, like Cas’s group did,” spoke Boomer.

Tylo, Div, Klug, and Blueh all continued to the control room, thinking of what a great sacrifice Cas had made. By the time they were within 35 feet, they realized that they had to hide. They hid behind a lump in the wall, waiting for someone to go out of the control room. Just as an android did, they all ran in, surprised to see no one else in the room.

“Terrible security here…” whispered Blueh.

“Well, let’s get going; the other group doesn’t have all day,” ordered Klug.

While Div was trying to out burst the circuits so it looked liked a normal thing that could of happened and not sabotage, they heard about five androids coming their way. They all hid under the control panel, scared for their lives. The androids sat down, looking at the camera monitor, and talking. Then Tylo had an idea. He whispered it to his peers, and then they pulled it off. The soldiers shot right up at the control panel, destroying everything, and then shot the androids until they were deceased.

“Good thinking,” whispered Blueh, ready for the next move.

“Ok, group two, it’s all you guys now,” informed Div.

“That’s the signal, let’s go!” announced Boomer.

While turning around a corner, they saw about five androids, not facing each other, guarding the storage supply. Packer then thought of a time he was playing Call of Duty. He never thought it would honestly help him in this war, but he had to give his all. Packer whispered the plan, although the others disagreed.

“Packer, it’s a suicide!” persuaded Thebest.

“Pack, you’re going to get your brains blown out!” informed Fox.

Packer ignored them, and tiptoed over to the closet guard. Packer then hit the android in the back of the neck, knocking it out. He then did the same for the other four, his teammates watching in awe. After Packer knocked out the last guard, he got the gate card and opened the door to the storage depot. They all walked in.

“Oh my god…” Enn said, amazed by the size of the room.

“Ok, we have to move quickly. Enn and Thebest, you both will steal any plans for vehicles you see, ok?” asked Boomer.

Nods all around.

,”While me, Fox, and Packer will explode any completed vehicles. Ok, let’s do this!” announced Boomer.

Enn and Thebest crept over to the planning desk, just looking like a blank desk, until… Enn bumped the side of the desk, showing a hologram of the plans. Thebest and Enn grabbed any tools in sight and removed the hologram from the table. They then did the same for almost fourteen other desks.

Boomer, Fox, and Packer had a louder time. Boomer ran over to the driving vehicles and planted bombs on two wheels of every vehicle, and their motors. Fox ran over to the vehicles that would bring in back up into battle, and planted bombs the same way. Then Packer ran over to the tanks, which he had almost lost his life to before, and planted bombs on all of them, feeling the urge of revenge. After all the bombs were planted and all the plans were stolen, the five soldiers headed into the hallway to meet up with the others. But then Packer noticed something. Right at the other end of the hall was the weapon depot.

“I’ll be right back…” Packer said, completely distracted by the depot.

“Packer! Packer, get over here! Packer, you’re going to get killed, dammit! Get over here!” yelled Boomer, not wanting to lose another soldier.

But Packer had made up his mind. He walked over to the depot, as if in another world from his comrades. He threw all of his remaining time bombs inside the room, and then walked back. His fellow soldiers were screaming at him to hurry, but Packer felt as if he wasn’t in control of his actions. He tried to run; but he couldn’t. He watched what his comrades mouthed, and he turned around. He saw about 20 androids, having him at gunpoint…

 Crash! Went the glass. The androids were shooting everywhere possible, overwhelming Houndy and Coolguy. The androids were destroying all of the main room, including the desk with the speaker to the whole complex; everything.

Chapter 16

(A continuity of Chapter 13)


“Houndy…” whispered Coolguy.

“Yeah?” asked Houndy.

“It’s time for us to meet up with the rest of the group again,” suggested Coolguy.

They both then dashed through the hallway, but the androids were right behind them. Houndy and Coolguy dived for cover. Houndy found himself safe for now, but realized he was missing something: Coolguy. Houndy looked over the cover to see Coolguy try to kick away from the androids, but then the next thing that happened was very gruesome. The androids grabbed Coolguy’s legs, and dragged him out of the hallway. The other androids started to pour into the base.

“What the hell was that?!” screamed Zdoger, still in shock of what happened to Coolguy.

“I don’t know… but we have to keep fighting; we have to stop these androids!” pleaded Ktman.

On “Three” the six soldiers ran into a room almost across from their storage depot.

“Ok, Thomas, Sonic, Wolvetone; I need you all to get as much ammo and weaponry out of the storage depot as possible. You can even use the jeeps out back to put the weaponry in, but as soon as you get as much as you can out of the depot, we are blowing up this place, so I’d suggest driving far from here,” advised Ktman.

“Yeah, Kt. Blow up our only shelter because of a little scary androids,” Zdoger stated sarcastically.

“Look, it’s our last resort, ok?” reminded Kt.

And then Thomas, Wolvetone, and Sonic started clearing out the storage depot while Ktman, Zdoger, and Houndy gave cover fire. While Sonic was going through the depot, he found a semi-automatic machine gun. He slid it to Houndy, and Houndy fired away. Houndy was shooting side to side, shooting right into their heads or chests.

After about an hour, the androids were starting to march quickly to where the depot was.

“Whatever, I’m falling back!” stated Zdoger, starting to slowly crouch backwards.

“No way Zdoger! You are under my command, and I command you to stay here!” demanded Kt.

“No way!” screamed Zdoger, accidentally revealing his position.

The androids started firing at Zdoger. Zdoger killed about three, but was then shot in the side. Zdoger collapsed on the floor. Houndy then started his machine-gunning again, while Kt hurried over to Zdoger.

“He’s breathing!” he shouted to Houndy, who was less than happy of Kt leaving him behind with all of the androids. Zdoger was dragged outside by Kt, and helped Thomas put him on his jeep. Kt then ran into the building and placed the bomb, getting ready to set it off. But first, he had to find Houndy and Coolguy. “Houndy will be easy; he was just right there!” stated Kt. But right when he turned the corner, all he saw were androids; no sign of Houndy.








Chapter 17

(A continuity of Chapter 14)

Saint woke up and checked her clock. It read six forty-five. She woke up, and put on her regular clothing. She went outside to see what the soldiers were doing to be causing so much raucous outside. She opened her tent flap to see Kg with his hands in the air, looking in her opposite direction.

“Hey, Kg. What are you doing?” asked Saint.

Kg then pointed in front of him, and then Saint realized what had happened. The androids had came earlier, and now all of Central Campsite was surrounded.

“Are you kidding me?” Saint told herself.

A different-colored android stepped out of the circle and stood right in front of Saint.

“Hello. ACP. Leader. Saint1119. We. Finally. Get. To. Meet. I. Am. Android. 2771. I. Am. The. Present. Leader. Of. The. Androids. I. Suggest. You. Surrender. Or. We. Shall. Decease. You. All. Your. Choice.” Spoke the android leader.

“We shall… (Saint thought in her head, the pressure near breaking point) surrender.” Saint said, her head casted downward.

“Wise. Choice. Saint. Now. You. All. Must. Come. With. Us. Immediately. To. Our. Base.” Responded the android leader.

Saint and her army walked single-file and chained with some sort of energy to be like handcuffs. Saint whispered behind herself to the other leaders:

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault,” she stated, near tears.

“Well, it’s better than getting shot fifty times each,” Dryv said, trying to break the bad mood.

They were about one mile away when they heard faint gunfire. Neither the army nor the androids could tell from which side it came from, but they would later learn they were hearing it from both sides.

Chapter 18

(A continuity of Chapter 15)


“Don’t. Move,” enforced an android to the vulnerable Packer.

“And what if I do?” challenged Packer, having no idea, where this burst of courage was coming from.

“Packer shut up,” yelled his squad members, realizing the life and death of this situation.

“Well. ‘Packer’. If. You. Show. Any. Threat. To. Us. We. Will. Fire. At. You.” Responded the android, possibly the head android of the depot.

“Yes, but in my weapon storage belt, I have a device that can set off those time bombs before they run down to zero. So if you think that bluffing with me is going to work, think agai-” Packer’s voice was cut off by the sound of gunfire. He looked down to see a bullet right below his heart. He turned around to his teammates, and fell on his side.

“NOOO!” screamed numerous voices, while the head android kicked the nearly lifeless body.

            At the same moment, Tylo, Div, Blueh, and Klug walked in, horrified of what they saw. In less that four seconds, a gun fight started. “I may have lost Cas, but Packer still has a chance of living,” Boomer thought to himself.

“Alright, Enn, Thebest, and me will charge the androids and save Packer, while the rest of you provide cover fire, ok?” asked Boomer.

            There were nods all around, although Enn and Thebest weren’t too crazy about the idea. In an instant, Boomer, Thebest, and Enn charged the androids head on, firing like crazy. The cover fire soldiers must have been doing their job, for when the three arrived at Packer’s body, there was only the head android and two other androids.

            Enn and Thebest shot the two androids, and Boomer shot the head android’s legs off.

“Don’t. Think. This. Is. Over.” Stated the head android.

“No, but you are,” challenged Boomer, shooting the android right between the eyes.

            Boomer, Enn, and Thebest then all helped drag Packer’s body to shelter with the rest of the squad.

“Packer… speak to us…” demanded Boomer.

“…Guys… Behind you…” Packer said wearily.

            Boomer and co. turned to see a whole squad of forty androids start walking in their direction.

“Aw crap! Blueh, Klug; cover fire!” shouted Boomer, dragging Packer’s barely alive body out of harm’s way.

“Uh oh…” said Fox, pointing to the gate that would be their exit, “The damn gate won’t open.”

“Div! Start hotwiring that gate now!” demanded Boomer, fighting off any second thoughts of saving Packer.

            As Div, was hotwiring the gate, Blueh and Klug came back, stating that the wave of androids was too overwhelming. The next thing that happened was incredible. Tylo grabbed the time bomb remote from Packer and Blueh’s gun. He then ran at the androids head on. The gate finally opened, and Packer tried to get Tylo to hurry up. But it was too late. Packer watched as Tylo fell to his knees from gunshots.

“Nooo!” cried out Packer.

            The squad just kept running as fast as they could. Packer was then placed in the back of Div’s jeep, and they drove off.

“ Any. Last. Words. Earthly. Child?” asked an android.

“Yeah. Just so you know,” Tylo made an action to take the remote into his hand, “I don’t fight in the action… I AM ACTION!” shouted Tylo as he pressed the time bomb button.

            Packer and co. watched as the base exploded. Packer then saluted to the sky, resembling Tylo’s passing spirit. The group later came to a stop. They saw a bunch of androids and tanks, with people in the middle.

“Oh… my… god…” was all Fox could manage. The ACP had been captured.

Chapter 19

(A continuity of Chapter 16)

“Attack. Him.” Ordered an android, pointing at Ktman.

“I’d love to stay…” Kt made a movement for something on his weapon belt,” but I need to find my soldiers.”

            In an instant, Kt dropped his rifle, and pulled out two pistols, and charged the androids. After taking out about ten of them, he threw a grenade into the crowd of androids and shot it after running away from it. The androids were nothing but scrap metal after the grenade.

“Houndy? Coolguy?” asked Kt.

            After looking in about every room, Kt finally heard something in the auditorium. He ran up on the stage, and saw Houndy tied to the podium.

“Houndy! Don’t worry; hang on,” ordered Kt, as he cut the rope with his knife.

“Kt! The androids are after our extra armor. They want the magnesium. We HAVE to stop them!” yelled Houndy.

            As Kt and Houndy were walking, they overheard some androids talking to a… what! They thought they heard a… human!

“Tell us! Where is the greatest area on your planet to find magnesium?” asked an android.

“I… I don’t know. I’m only eleven!” screamed a human.

“Coolguy!” gasped Kt and Houndy, accidently getting the attention of the androids guarding the room. The androids charged Kt and Houndy into separate rooms.

            Kt shot off the android’s hand, while something grew back. It looked like a sort of blade. The android cut Kt’s pistols in half in the blink of an eye. Kt then pulled out his knife. The android cut the knife in half vertically, making two slimmer knives. The android then made an effort to stab Kt, but Kt kicked some soldier’s jewelry box into the android’s face.  While stunned, Kt grabbed his two new knives, and stabbed one through the android’s chest, and the other into the android’s back.

            Houndy grabbed his pistol, and shot at the android. Houndy had five shots right into the android’s chest, but the android still functioned. After Houndy shot the android’s gun out of its hand, the android grabbed Houndy’s knife. It made a gash in his armor, and a bloody cut on Houndy’s leg.  Houndy kicked the android with his opposite leg, and shot the android in the eyes. Houndy then grabbed his knife and beheaded the android.

            After Kt and Houndy reunited, they marched into the armor storage room.

“You. Are. Too. Late. I. Have. Found. Your. Armor. Stora-” Houndy shot the android to death.

Kt helped free Coolguy, and the three ran out of the base. Right before they exited, they heard new androids pouring into the base. As soon as Kt and co. were about one hundred yards from the base and saw the last of this squad of androids march in, he ignited the bombs from remote.

“Saint’s not going to be happy about this…” moaned Coolguy.

Chapter 20

(A continuity of Chapter 17)


“What should we do?” asked Blueh.

“Um… listen. I say we just charge at the androids head on the best we can,” recommended Boomer.

“But it’s a suicide!” reminded Thebest.

“Well if we don’t, it’s a suicide for the rest of ACP,” challenged Fox.

            On the other side of the valley stood Kt, Houndy, and Coolguy with Thomas, Hasanb, and Sonic.

“That’s the ACP!” shouted Hasanb. Wondering what on earth they were doing.

            Sonic grabbed binoculars and saw Saint and the rest of the ACP chained together. Thomas then slipped and knocked the binoculars up. Sonic saw Boomer and co. on the other side of the valley.

“Kt, I suggest you call Boomer,” announced Sonic, handing Kt a radio.

            After Boomer explained the plan to Kt and his squad, they started the plan. If a failure, all of the ACP would be doomed. Packer sat up in the back of Div’s jeep, whiping away sweat from his brow. Whether the sweat was from straining his wound or from the lives at stake; we would never know.

“Everyone ready?” asked Boomer and Kt to their squads.

            “I am”s were heard all around.

            Then a bazooka was fired. It hit the rocks right in the valley  below Houndy who had fired it. As the androids rushed to stop the rockslide, Boomer’s squad drove down into the valley. They circled the androids, firing like crazy. The androids’ attention then shifted to Boomer and co.s’ jeeps. And simultaneously, Kt’s group drove down into the valley.

            Saint and the rest of the ACP watched in awe of this strategy that was made to free them.

“What? Are we all just going to watch them have all the fun?” asked Motor, right before picking up a fallen android’s gun and started shooting.

“Sir,” announced an android to their leader,” There. Are. Too. Many.”

“We. Have. Not. Lost. Yet,” reminded the head android while picking off ACP soldiers.

“Hey! Assdroid!” shouted Fox.

            She shot off both of the head android’s arms to the shoulders.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s so tough now,” bragged Saint.

“Androids,” continued Saint,” This, right here, is your leader.”

            Saint then shot the head android right in the chest, and the android’s eyes went black. At that same moment, the androids evacuated the battle with some sort of jets from their feet.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Sonic, sniping a few out of the sky.

“Oh yeah,” Packer shouted,” this is what I think of your tanks!”

            At that moment, Packer blew up all the tanks.

“Packer! How the hell did you do that?!” asked Boomer.

“What? You think I just sat in the jeep and watched? No way! I planted bombs on all the tanks while circling.”

“Boomer, Kt, everyone. I can’t thank you enough for what you did just now,” thanked Saint.

            As the ACP matched over to their base, Kt, Houndy, and Coolguy remembered what happened.

“Oh no!” they gasped.

“Kt, what’s going on?” asked Saint.

            Kt ran over to the base and stood next to the surprisingly still standing door. There were many gasps in the large group.

“Uh… surprise!” announced Kt, as the door collapsed right in front of everyone.

“Kt…” Saint stated,” What the heck did you do?!”

“About that…” responded Kt.

“I’ll call the FBI…” moaned Dryv.

Chapter 21


“… And that is why we are in great gratitude to the ACP. For being victorious over the most challenging part of this war so far, and destroying the enemy’s leader,” announced Robert Gates at the ceremony.

            Packer tried his best to smile, even though the pain of his wound and of losing fellow soldiers was still there. And then Saint walked onto the stage.

“All I can say is: thank you all for fighting in this war. You will never know how in debt I am to a certain few,” hinted Saint.

“Hey,” whispered Houndy to Packer,” After this war is done, aren’t we going to be, like, global heroes? I guess so…” said Houndy, answering his own question.

            Packer just gave him a thumbs up.

            After the ceremony, everyone partied at the reception. Packer sat at a table as he heard people cheer someone’s name on the dance floor. Packer turned his attention to a group of boys standing near Fox, probably asking her to dance. The, “Get lost”s and, “In your dreams” were amusing to him.

“It’s odd how people can celebrate so much,” announced Sheila to Packer while sitting next to him, “there’s still a war going on.”

“Mmhmm…” agreed Packer.

“Anyway,” continued Sheila,” your wound should be completely healed in two weeks.”

“Ok, sounds good. And thanks for saving my butt out in battle all of those times,” thanked Packer, not embarrassed by that fact.

“Oh, well, it’s what us medics are for,” replied Sheila, looking away as if embarrassed.

            A speaker came on.

“Attention. This is Secretary Robert Gates. We need all ACP to the helicopter pad in one hour. Thank you.”

“Well, see you Packer,” said Sheila, as she walked over to the other side of the dance room.

            After about three cups of punch, Packer walked out on the skywalk coming out of the building. He looked out at the setting sun in the sky.

“Good place to see this place on the planet, isn’t it?” asked Boomer, startling Packer.

“Yeah, it is. It’s pretty cool how God made all of this…” Packer stated, looking up at the sky.

“You’re right. But I wonder why and how He made these androids…” thought Boomer out loud, “ It only makes you wonder what else is out there.”

“Attention. Fifteen minutes until all ACP must report to the helicopter pad. Thank you.”

“Well, I’m going to start heading up there. See ya,” said Boomer.

“See ya later, Boomer,” responded Packer.

            Packer looked up to the sky and thought of the family and friends for him at home. He missed them all. “Well, scratch friends. I’ve met a bunch of new ones here,” Packer thought to himself, although Packer would of liked to see some of his family soon. He then stood up and started walking to the helicopter pad.




Chapter 22 Part 1

(Prologue of Book 2)


            Many miles away from the FBI base, an android body lay in the rubbage of the demolished ACP base. The wind blew hard enough to blow some scrap metal from some extra ACP armor onto the android. The android’s eyes lit up.

“This. Is. Android. 32719. Calling. In. Any. Alive. Units,” spoke the android,” I. Have. Found. A. Magnesium. Source. Bring. Our. Leader’s. Body. Here. We. Shall. Revive. Him.”

            A group of androids came and picked up their leader’s body and  brought it to the base. An android picked up a sharp piece of the magnesium and stabbed it into the leader’s chest. A shockwave was formed which apparently made the androids talk more earth-like. The leader then stood up again.

“I have come back for my vengeance on the ACP,” claimed the head android.

“My leader,” spoke 32719,” it was I who have revived you. So it is as if you owe your life to me.”

            The leader stabbed 32719 in the chest, killing it.

“I owe no one,” spoke the leader.

            The leader and the androids then rocketed back to their home out in space.


Chapter 22 Part 2

(Prologue of Book 2)


            One month after his brother’s drafting, Matthew went on to Nacho chat, watching their confusion.

“Why isn’t anyone ever on ACP chat anymore?” asked Clanleader.

“Yeah, and there hasn’t been a new post in about a month,” responded Linkin.

            Matthew couldn’t take it anymore. He then PC-ed Person1233.

“Person. I know where ACP is and what they are doing,” announced Larry Guy 4 on chat.

“Really…” remarked Person,” tell more.”

            And then Matthew spoke. He told all about Packer and the other ACP being drafted into real life war against the androids. Matthew had seen what was left on the computer screen after the flash. It was all the plans from the FBI. “Larry” suggested that they stop the ACP from stealing all of the glory and help the androids defeat them, and Person agreed. Larry saw the code on the screen to make it teleport his brother to the FBI. He told Person it, and Person prepared to use it on the Nachos. At 5:20 that afternoon, all of the Nachos blacked out…

This was no longer ACP Vs. The androids. Now, it was ACP Vs. The androids and the Nachos.

            Larry woke up in a some-what looking police room. “It worked!” he thought. “Excellent… now where are those damn androids…”




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