Capncook’s ACP Story: Oagalthorp


“Shoot! 8:20, I’ve got to get ready for school!” “I tried to wake you up earlier but you weren’t moving so I made breakfast for you and waited until you woke up yourself” Oagalthorp’s mother said as he came down the steps trying to put a sock on at the same time. Oagalthorp was not his real name. But that’s what we all call him. “Ok eat your breakfast and be out by 8:45 okay dear?” “Ok, thanks mom.” He has his triple stack of pancakes with maple syrup (the real stuff) and butter. Then he put his jacket on and his backpack. He left the house at precisely 8:45 and waited. It was in the fall which means it was relatively cold. He wished he’d brought his gloves. His bus came and he sat down. It was actually a nice bus. It looked like a normal bus from the outside but on the walls it had a lot of pictures the bus drivers’ daughter had made for him. He sat down the third seat from the back. Though he was a very friendly person he didn’t feel like talking to anyone on the bus today. Oagalthorp was still tired from waking up twenty-five minutes ago. About fifteen minutes later the bus halted and was parked at his school. It wasn’t the best school in the world. Actually it was one of the worst. It had barely any sports to play, it was one of the smallest middle schools, and the bathrooms didn’t have clean water. But it had two good features. The classrooms were beautiful (but small), and the teachers were all very nice. The school had a policy that if a student complains about the teacher, the teacher would be fired if it was fair. No teachers got fired; they wanted to keep their job. Oagalthorp was at his locker when suddenly: RING! RING! “Oh man! I’m late to class!” It was the bell that started homeroom. There were still a few people in the hallways. Those people didn’t care about their lives. They just kept talking and kept getting detentions because they were late everyday. Oagalthorp was in his class about twenty-two seconds before the next bell came to end homeroom. He was breathing heavily because he had to run. His teacher Mr. Butclog walked into the room with a fake smile, a suit (he was wearing it), and a briefcase. There was a glare reflecting off of his head because he has this bald spot. It makes everyone chuckle a little for a month but after that it’s pointless because they’ve seen it so many times. He sat down. WHAM! He was on the floor rubbing his butt in pain. Then he came up, took the school communicating phone out of its place and walked out of the room. Oagalthorp was confused while everyone else was laughing. After awhile he said “That’s really not that funny.” Then the boy next to him fell on the floor laughing and everyone roared even louder. He got up and said in a raspy voice “Come on man how could you not be laughing?” Then it became silent and everyone was in their chairs. The principal, vice principal, the guidance counselor, and Mr. Butclog walked in. The four of them were staring at a few people. The people were the common pranksters and the Goth kids (Who also weren’t laughing). Then everyone one at a time would stay in that class except for their lunch period and be interviewed individually by the vice principal while the other three watched the others. It took them about an hour before Oagalthorp was chosen. He was nervous, though he didn’t do it he knew this day would last forever. By the time everyone was done it had taken about two hours and then everyone was sent straight to lunch except for two. Oagalthorp and Craig Jones. The teacher and principal, vice, and the guidance counselor were all thinking of letting Oagalthorp go but first he explained himself. He said his bus was late and he did not do it because he wasn’t even in the room until about a minute before the bell. Craig was now scared to death. He had nothing else to say but this: “OKAY I’M SORRY! I DID IT BUT IT WAS JUST A JOKE!” He was now crying and as scared as a cat that was just thrown in water. It was now 8th period after Oagalthorp had lunch with the little kids. (Kindergarteners and 1st graders) He didn’t like it and everyone was laughing at his appearance. As for Craig, let’s just say he is in a different room now. Oagalthorp went home finally and was waiting for his cookies his mom was supposed to make for him. In about five minutes of being off of the bus he was gorging on sugar and chocolate chip cookies his mom made for him. He tried to turn on his Playstation 2 but it was shorted out because his brother had spilled water on it the other day. So he went on his computer and went on his favorite gaming site. He was playing a ski game when he accidentally hit the back button on his mouse. “God dang’t! I’m going to kill this mouse!” His mom peered into the room and all she saw was Oagalthorp looking at some games. She was too late of course. She also made sure he wasn’t looking at any “inappropriate” pictures if you know what I mean. So he came across a game called Runescape. He was about to click it when suddenly a screen popped up in his face and read it. It was an AOL instant message from his good buddy, Fort57. The message read: Hey Oagalthorp do you wanna play this really awesome new game I found on Miniclip? It’s called Club Penguin. You can chat on it, buy stuff and make friends and everything! Oagalthorp quickly read the message and sent one back. Okay, I’ll look for it. But wait! Is it free? Also, why weren’t you at school today? And do I need to sign up for it? Fort replied saying yes and unfortunately I had a fever and to your last question it’s a yes. About fifteen minutes later he picked a name: Oagalthorp, and a password: ************. He asked Fort what country, server, and room? He was already at the exact spot that Fort has picked. American, Mammoth, Town, Fort had types in the message. Wow, LOL, I’m already there! Oagalthorp had a surprised look on his face when he said it. Fort said cool I’ll see you there. While Oagalthorp waited he decided to get used to the controls and buy stuff. He thought he had a lot of money with the five-hundred coins he started out with. But sadly he didn’t. He clicked an item. Then an orange screen popped up saying you have to be a member to buy this item. “Dang that sucks!” Oagalthorp bought some colors, some pins, and some backgrounds though. Then he met Fort. His name on Club Penguin was Fort57.
Chapter 1- The Start
Fort had been playing Club Penguin for a few days now and decided to become a member to buy items. He was wearing just a black hooded sweatshirt and some black sneakers. Oagalthorp was now looking at him. Thinking why he was naked. There was a long pause. Finally Fort looked down at the snow and started to kick a little. “Want to go watch the fight?” Oagalthorp looked at him very puzzled. He finally whispered out “What fight?” You see, Oagalthorp was not one of those people who liked fighting that much. “Yeah! It is fun! You get to watch this one side shooting each other and bombing each other…” Fort kept on talking but Oagalthorp cut him out. “Sometimes they eve”- “Can we get hurt?” Oagalthorp now looked at Fort very suspiciously. He saw a scar on Fort’s beak. “Well, it’s no guarantee that we will make it out a-okay but…” Oagalthorp cut him off again; “but we might get hurt won’t we?” “I know what you’re thinking. I’ve only gotten hurt once because a Nacho went crazy and started to hit me with his H-STK gun. Then there was another long pause and Fort57 lead the way to the Snow Forts. While they were walking Oagalthorp was thinking whether or not this would be fun or if he would end up going to the hospital. Once they got to the snow forts there was already trouble. Two huge armies were fighting over who owned the server. The Nachos and the UMAs. Nachos were these penguins who dressed up like Mexicans. UMA stands for underground mafia army. “The Nachos were the first CP army” Fort yelled because of the booming of the guns. The two of them had taken a safe spot hiding inside a bush. They watched the screams of the soldiers. Both of them were thinking how brutal this battle was to each side. They hardly knew anything about the opposing armies. Well Oagalthorp didn’t. Fort seemed to know a thing or two. It was one long hour of watching the UMA fighting the Nachos. The fire seemed to rage on for centuries (Even though they were in Antarctica) and many lives were claimed, but eventually, Fort and Oagalthorp had seen the better, the UMA came out on top. They started burning all of the Nacho bodies and doing things that you may not want to know to them. Oagalthorp had stopped for a moment. He was shocked. Why were they doing this? He thought to himself. Then Fort whispered, “We’d better get the hell outta here or else.” “Or else what?” Oagalthorp also whispered. “Do you see my scar? Do you want this to happen to you?” Then they quickly got out without the UMA seeing them. “That was so cool!” Fort yelled when they got back to the plaza. They were now eating pizza. It was Oagalthorp’s favorite pizza. Extra cheese, pepperoni, squid, and pineapple. Fort and Oagalthorp took a big bite of each of their slices. They pretty much gobbled down the whole pie in five to ten minutes. Fort had food in his mouth and then said to Oagalthorp “What did you think?” “It’s making me think. If the UMA kill all those penguins, why don’t they let the bodies go into a proper burial?” Oagalthorp also had food in his mouth when he said that. Fort quickly replied “I don’t even know how they got the fire to be honest with you. But the reason they burn the bodies is because they’re the meanest army to ever come to Club Penguin.” “I think I should stop them.” Oagalthorp said in a kind of annoyed/mean voice. “You do that Oagalthorp, but I warn you, they’re the biggest and the meanest and the toug-“But they haven’t seen what I can do yet,” Oagalthorp cut into Fort’s words. “Good luck…Commander Oagalthorp.” Then Fort walked out of the room and logged off.
Chapter 2- Buy member! Get Armor Free!
The next thing Oagalthorp did was look at his front door. His dad just walked in from work. “Hey dad!” “Hey son!” Oagalthorp and his father said the same thing in an excited voice. Oagalthorp, his mom, and his dad were all eating dinner together now. They surprisingly also were having pizza; but just plain pizza. Oagalthorp popped the question right when his dad opened up the newspaper. “Can I be a member of a cool new game I found with my friend? It’s called Club Penguin. You get to be this penguin, and walk around, chat, and meet new friends. It’s free but I found out you need to become a member to get items your penguin can wear. It’s also very safe. You can’t say bad words on it or anything. So what do you guys say? Can I become a member?” Oagalthorp has purposely left out the part about the wars. His parents looked at each other for what seemed like a half an hour. Finally they both answered with a big fat…Yes! “Alright! Thanks mom and dad. The only thing I need now is a credit card from one of you.” His mom handed him the credit card, and he immediately got to work. As he was doing this he noticed someone was on AIM. He quickly looked at it and it was a good thing too. It was non other than his good friend Fort57. He sent a fast IM and said: Hey, I’m becoming a member right now. I’m going to find a new look for my new army. I will take down the UMA. Fort read the message and excitedly typed: Good luck, but I will come on with you to help you find a cool outfit. Oagalthorp had just finished becoming a member when he got the message. He responded: Ok, meet me at the same place we did last time. He was as excited as a person reaching level one-hundred in Runescape. He went straight to the catalog to find some items. He saw Fort waiting there with him. “Ok let’s start out with a head item.” “I agree Fort, where would you be without a helmet anyway?” They went to the third page and immediately bought the Roman soldier helmet. It was the coolest looking helmet in right now and was most definitely suitable for war. “Oagalthorp, you know what? This is your army. I will not interfere.” Fort logged out right away after saying that. Oagalthorp went on with looking for items to wear. He had no clue why Fort had left but he knew it wasn’t for the reason he said. Oagalthorp saw a green CP letterman jacket and thought it would be better than the pink one. He wanted his army to be green anyway, not black. He used the standard gun that both the Nachos and the UMA were using, the H-STK gun. He also found a red backpack to be suitable for soldiers in case they need to carry food, water, etc. He put green coloring on, and he bought the black sneakers because the other shoes weren’t looking fit for war. All the time he was making this armor he thought about two things. One was a comedic message to himself. The other was how he was ever going to destroy a huge army like the UMA. His comedic message though was: Step right up! Get your armor here! Only 1200 Club Penguin coins and membership! He laughed to himself a little until his mom called him. Apparently he had lost track of time. It was already 9:30. His mom said, turn the computer off! It’s time for bed! Oagalthorp saved (By logging off the proper way) and shut his computer off, and went to bed. That night he had a dream. A wonderful dream. It was about him and his army thriving and also straining themselves at the same time to destroy the UMA and keep peace between the servers.
Chapter 3- Surprise, Surprise?
“Good morning sleepy head! Happy birthday!” His mom was at his bedside with a cake and a party hat and candles. It was 10:00 A.M already so he knew his mom had set something up. “Thanks mom, the cake looks delicious and nice party hat.” “Thank you honey, why don’t you come downstairs and see the surprise?” Obviously it’s not such a surprise anymore because she said it was, though he wondered what it was. Oagalthorp saw two big presents standing upright on the kitchen table. He looked amazed, shocked, and dumbstruck but then was curious. “Wow!” Oagalthorp yelled so loudly the neighbors almost called the police. “Ok, you may open your present now.” His mom was just as excited as he was. The anxiety was killing them both. He opened his first present. It was a huge box. It had a clothing store label. “What?” Oagalthorp asked his mom who was now laughing and barely whispered out the words, “open… the… box… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” He opened it only to find another box. He opened that box, again only to find another box. There were three more boxes until he found a case. The case was an old glasses case. He was looking at his mom who had just wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. “Open it honey!” His mom was too anxious. He opened it and found five one-hundred dollar bills. “Then Oagalthorp took the money and ran outside screaming: “I’m rich! I’m rich!” His mom took him back inside and he opened his next present. His mom also stated that the money was from all of his family members put together. He didn’t have such a big family so he understood while it was only five instead of twenty bills. His next present was heavy and in a big box. This was from his grandparents. He opened it. “Wow! A basketball hoop! I can’t wait to use this! Oh my gosh! This is amazing mom! Tell the family I love them and thank them all! Wow! This is so cool!” Then his mom said in a mellow voice: “I’m glad you like it dear, why don’t you wait until you’re father gets home to use the hoop?” “Okay mom and thanks again.” Then Oagalthorp went onto the computer.



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    2nd comment and VERY nice capn I love this story !

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    cool story

  3. danny9632 said,

    U should write another chapter

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