Chivalrous by Packer1 Nfl



Daniel= Packer

Alex= Fox

Kyle= Kt

Chapter 1

            It was a bright Saturday morning. Daniel had woken up to the sound of the lawnmower next door. He put on his robe and sandals and ran outside. He met up with the mailman. The mailman shook his head to Daniel to symbolize a letter had not come yet. Daniel walked inside and flopped into the breakfast nook’s chair. He pulled out the Orlando Sentinel. It read:

“Billionaire Kyle has done it again! He has sponsored the development of a new device that can be used for combat.

‘It is called a microchip, obviously,’ responded Kyle, ‘It can make a human almost invincible to any contact.’

We asked the engineer and inventor of this gadget, Mr. Q. Harrison, what he thought of this invention.

‘It will change combat as we know it,’ remarked Harrison.

The invention will not be in stores and will be in custody of the government…”

            Daniel put down the paper. He walked over to his couch and patted his dog, Valiant, on the head.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” spoke Daniel to Valiant, “It’s already day forty four and we both know that the CIA never gives results after the forty fifth day. Maybe mom was right; maybe I should have made a career in engineering. You never know; that might have been me standing next to Kyle. Although I doubt he even remembers me,” spoke Daniel as he pointed out the engineer as if Valiant could understand him.

            Just then the telephone rang. Daniel hurried over to the telephone, although he was quite positive that the CIA never called.

“Daniel! I’m in!” shouted Alexa, or known to Daniel as Alex.

“Congrats, Alex! You must be thrilled,” spoke Daniel with half fake enthusiasm.

“How about you? Did you get your letter yet?” cheerfully asked Alex.

“Eh… not yet…” gloom fully spoke Daniel under his breath.

“Don’t worry Danny; I’m sure you will get it soon,” positively spoke Alex.

“Don’t be too sure. There’s only one day left to get the letter-” responded Daniel before he was cut off.

“But tomorrow is Sunday; which means no mail. So it looks like Monday will be the lucky day,” replied Alex.

“Yeah… well congrats and hopefully I’ll see you at training,” finished Daniel.

“Same here. See ya!” replied Alex and she hung up.


            Daniel stayed up and reviewed  CIA Agent for Dummies and a bunch of other books. He went over to his study and lifted weights to stay in tip top shape for training. He even played many types of memorizing games on his computer. He remembered from the book that, “a spy’s memory is his greatest weapon”. Daniel finished off the night with using a staff and busting bags full of marbles from when he was younger. He practiced his flips and agility.

            Monday morning came faster than Daniel had expected. He put on his robe and sandals and rushed through the door. He nearly collided with Valiant, who had come out behind Daniel. He ran over to the mailman and watched the mailman’s face. The mailman tried to smile, but Daniel knew it was fake. The mailman gave his apologies and drove off. Daniel was devastated. Even Valiant could tell this was not a good time, for his ears were dangling on his sides just like Daniel’s arms. Daniel could barely find the courage to face Alex. He emailed her saying:

“I didn’t get the letter. Have fun being a spy. Unlike that Army of Club Penguin thing; this is the real deal.

~ Daniel”

            He turned off his computer and walked up to his room. He spent the rest of the day laying in bed.

            Tuesday morning came and Daniel walked slowly over to the mailbox. He opened it to see four letters. He quickly scanned their titles.

“Taxes, Pizza Hut coupons, Insurance-” Daniel stopped speaking.

            He reached under for the last letter and thought about what was at stake here. He grabbed the letter and zoomed his eyesight into the title. It read: Electric Bill.

            Daniel started waving the letters in disgust. He couldn’t face the fact that he hadn’t made it. He kept thinking about what he could have done wrong. He had gotten a Master’s degree in engineering, and graduated with a 3.83 GPA, so what was wrong?! While waving the letters, he saw a gray enveloped letter fall from stuck under the coupons. Daniel threw the others in mid air and grabbed the gray letter. He opened it and felt as if passing out. Daniel had been accepted into the CIA.



  1. Ktman said,

    I’m a billionaire, cool. XD Can’t wait for more Pack.

  2. WolveTone said,

    Sounds good Pack, like the way its different from other stories, its awesome.

  3. danny9632 said,

    so awesome story

  4. Batinman said,

    not enough batin 😮

  5. PinkGirl1114 said,

    Wowz 😮 Awesome Story Packer 😀

  6. Why cancel this one? 😦 I actually liked this a ton more than your android stories.

  7. A master’s degree in creative writing got into the CIA and a master’s degree in engineering didn’t? What is wrong with these people? 😆

    Ah, how I wish I had a sister.


  8. majorhit said,

    I wish I had a sister too… I’m stuck with two idiots obsessed with toy cars (ono)

    ~Pinki. Woo. Go me.


  10. majorhit said,

    Write Naow. I demand it. :O


  11. Phil=Bp

  12. Paint5278 said,

    Nice story now, CONTINUE IT!!!

  13. WOAH WOAH WOAH, I HAVE THE SAME NAME AS FOX……Im changing it to soemthin else…something cool…like percy

  14. I don’t even know what CIA stands for… lmao

  15. Paint5278 on DSi said,

    It stands for the central intellegance agency =P

  16. ℓιттℓєgυу04.α¢ρ said,

    Whoa cool story. If/when u write more? Can I be in it somewhere? (btw use my real name, Juliana)

  17. Adamsapple4 said,

    Hey, Pack! Great story! if by any chance you are writing more, could u include me plz (real name : Ethan) Thx 😀

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