Cool’s ACP Story:Battlefields

Chapter 1

One Morning, The ACP was woken up by a loud alarm.


Coolguy shot up out of his bunk, to get his armor on.

“Why do they gotta attack so early?” Coolguy moaned.

“Quit whining Coolguy.” Enn said, clearly annoyed.

Coolguy was in a squad with Boomer, Packer, Bfan, Enn, Sonic, and Houndy. Coolguy and his squad got into their armor and ran out onto the battlefield. The squad hopped into their trench. Then, they saw a whole ACP Air Force squad get shot down.

“Sure hope Ed wasn’t in one of those planes.” Houndy said.

“Don’t worry about that.” Boomer told Houndy.

“Ok guys! We gotta get to that tank!” Boomer demanded.

“Its taking out all of our Heavy Infantry!” He added.

“On my command, we gotta charge to that tank, and set a time bomb on it!” Boomer instructed.

“Now!” He yelled.

And the squad charged at the tank. The tank fired at the squad, but just missed them. They hid in an abandoned enemy trench behind the tank.

“Coolguy! Put a time bomb on the back of the tank!” Boomer shouted.

Coolguy ran at the tank, time bomb in hand, and set the time for 5 seconds. He put the time bomb on the tank and ran for his life. The impact of the explosion sent Coolguy flying into the air. When he got the the trench, he was fine.

“Now we gotta get back to our trench without getting killed!” Boomer instructed.

They all charged back to the trench. When they got back to their own trench, they found a low ranked Nacho soldier in their trench with an STG44 aimed right at the squad…

 Chapter 2

Sonic took a heroic move and emptied 3 whole clips into the soldier.

“Damn.” Coolguy said under his breathe.

“Nice shootin Sonic!” Enn exclaimed.

“”If yall dont start shootin those Nachos, Ima empty 3 clips in you!” Sonic snapped.

At that point everyone started to fight. Then, a low ranked ACP soldier ran upi to their trench.

“Boomer! The Nachos are taking Jediseth’s squad hostage and they are about to be executed!” Exclaimed the soldier.

“We gotta get that squad guys!” Coolguy said.

“They’re being held hostage in the forest at the Nachos POW Camp! We have to get to that Camp and get that qsquad back!” Boomer instructed.

And at that point, the soldiers ran off into the forest, in search of the hostage squad. They crept up to the Camp where the soldiers saw the squad, each of them tied to seperate poles, and Nacho Officers’ guns pointed at them. And then, they heard Puckley yelling,

“Ready! Aim! Fire!”

And all the squad heard was the gunfire and the ACP soldiers screaming. Coolguy watched, as his friend, Jediseth, was shot and killed. The squad saw gushes of red blood on the wall, the floor, and even blood on the Officers.

“Lets get back to the trenches guys…” Boomer said in disappointment.

“You guys won’t be going anywhere.” Said a familiar voice, but the voice wasn’t one of the squad’s…

Chapter 3

The squad’s eyes widened.

“Puckley.” Coolguy whispered.

“That’s right Coolguy.” Puckley snickered.

“I am here, not to execute you, but to keep you prisoner.” Puckley added.

“Listen up bub! If you…” Houndy was cut off by Boomer.

“What do you want from us Puckley?” Boomer asked.

“What do I want?” Puckley exclaimed.

“Is for you to suffer.” He sneered.

“Come on Puck, can’t we work this out?” Enn asked.

“Well, I could keep one and let the rest go free.” Puckley snickered with a smile.

“Take me.” Sonic volunteered.

“No! Sonic!” Coolguy said.

Sonic whispered to Coolguy,”I’ll be fine Coolguy.” So that Puckley couldn’t hear.

“We accept your offer Puckley!” Sonic exclaimed with pride.

“Are you sure you want to do this Sonic?” Boomer asked.

“I’m sure.” Sonic said, wiping a tear from his eye.

“I’ll see you later, fools.” Puckley sneered.

“Come with me Sonic.” He added

When the squad got far enough from the camp, Boomer came up with an idea.

“We have to get Sonic guys.” Boomer stated.

“But we need more help.” He added.

Boomer called Saint on his Radio.

“Saint, We need 2 more squads to help us. Sonic has been captured and is now a POW at the Nacho POW camp. Please send in squads 5 and 6.” Boomer called.

“Sending squads 5 and 6 right now Boomer.” Saint replied.

After about 15 minutes of staying undercover from any Nachos, The 2 squads finally showed up.

“What took so long?” Boomer asked Fox.

“Had to take out 3 enemy squads to get here. Sent them kids back to preschool.” Fox said.

“Anyways, we need to get Sonic. To do that, I need Squad 5 to provide cover-fire for Squad 6, while My squad moves in from behind and rescues Sonic.” Boomer instructed.

“Sounds like a good plan Boomer.” Coolguy stated.

“On my signal, we move to the back on the POW camp, and hide. Meanwhile, Squad 6 will be distracting the Nacho soldiers, so we can get Sonic.” Boomer told his squad.

“Move, Move, Move!” Boomer instructed.

Coolguy’s squad ran to the back of the camp, Not knowing if they had been seen or not.

Boomer called in on Fox’s radio,”Now!” Boomer said.

And squad 6 came running into the camp.

“What the heck?” Fox asked herself.

Nobody was in the camp. Coolguy’s squad moved in to find Sonic. They found him. Meanwhile, squad 6 was surrounded by Nachos.

“Aww, come on!” Fox shouted.

Enn saw squad 6 surrounded by Nachos. He tapped Boomer on the shoulder and pointed at the squad.

“Crap.” Coolguys whispered under his breath.

Coolguy’s squad snuck up on the Nachos and they astarted firing. Blood was flying everywhere. After killing all of the Nacho soldiers, they found Puckley, Laying on his back, with a bullet hole right through his lower stomach.

“This isn’t over.” Puckley murmured before he died.

Chapter 4

Shortly afterwords, while the squads were at the medic station, Boomer got a call in from his radio.

“Boomer! We need backup! Our base is being attacked by Nachos!” Saint called.

“We’re on our way Saint!” Bomer replied.

“Ok guys! Our base is being attacked by Nachos coming in from the cliff.” Boomer exclaimed.

“We need to get there fast and sneak up on the Nachos from behind and kill them!” He added.

Boomer called in a helicopter. While they were in the helicopter, Boomer explained the plan.

“The helicopter is going to drop us off below the cliff, so we have to climb up and attack.” He said.

“We have to be quiet in order for this to work.” Boomer instructed.

“After we climb up, we have to throw all of our grenades at the Nacho troops. Immediately after we throw our grenades, we have to start firing, and don’t stop.” He added.

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Coolguy exclaimed.

After about 30 minutes in the helicopter, They landed at the base of the cliff. Everyone piled out, and started climbing.

“Dang, this is hard.” Bfan complained.

“Ya, Ya, Ya, were almost there.” Enn replied.

Once the squad go to the top of the cliff, they pulled the pins out of the grenades and hurled them at the Nachos. Then, there was gunfire. There were about 200 Nachos that were invading, and only about 100 at the base, with 7 people in the squad. The ACP was outnumbered. Coolguy hid behind a rock, and watched, as Bfan get shot, and fall to the ground. Dead. At that moment, Coolguy knew there was no more hiding. He stood up and started firing his Thompson at the Nachos. He shot about 2 clips before he was hot in the lower right part of his stomach. At that point, he blacked out. Whe he woke up, he was at the medic station, with bandages on his stomach.

“What happened?” He asked Shiela.

“You were shot in the lower-right stomach.” Shiela said.

“You’ll be fine.” She added.

His friends, Cat, Ed, Pack, Sonic, and Houndy were at his bedside.

“Good thing you guys are alright.” Coolguy said.

“Who else was hurt during that Nacho invasion?” Coolguy asked.

“Boomer was shot in the leg, Enn was shot in the right arm, and well, Bfan died.” Cat explained.

After a 15 minute conversation, The heard Saint’s voice over the intercom.

“Nacho troops are attacking our base in the woods right across from the medic station!” Saint yelled.

Everyone in the medic staion that could fight, went into the woods. Shiela took the injured soldiers into the back room for protection. When Shiela left, Coolguy thought,

“I can’t just let my fellow soldiers fight without me.”

He talked with Boomer, and gathered Enn, and Tylo, another injured soldier.

“We have to help them…We MUST fight.” Coolguy explained.

They grabbed their guns and grenades, and went to fight.



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    Awesome Coolguy!

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  3. nice beggining

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  5. daiuf said,

    can we incorparate a desparate struggle like the base getting blown up and acp having to retreat the do some awesome training and stuff also seeing as this is so much better than my idea can i plz have a line… 😀

  6. daiuf said,

    collio is MY word

    • wurburt45348 said,

      apparently not being as you spelled it wrong

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    cool story.

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    Eh i dont like the idea of calling it concentration camps 😕 I prefer prisoner camps. Concentration reminds me of all those jews 😥

    • Kenneth1000 said,

      yea packers right

      • Pιє.aкa.¢σσℓgυу said,

        Ya same here, Ill change it!

    • Hunter said,

      i know poor jews i just hate those nazis the war wasnt just about the battles it was about the camps thats y the war started because of the camps

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    cool story coolguy cool imagination too

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    Great story, I wish i was in it tho… It just may be a match for Mr. Bear (not quite yet) there were a few typos but im too lazy to list them… Good job

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      huh wat do you mean If you are not in my story […]

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    cool ill be in it
    Name: sown man
    nickname: sown.
    rank: Lieutenant

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    Yay. Puck Died


  18. I love it! Too bad I wasn’t in it. My Penguin and Chat name is Waldo Frost.

  19. My rank is 1st Lieutenant


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    thats the best story ever!! i love it!! :0!

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    too cool to be true man!

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