Klug’s ACP Story: The Civil War

Chapter 1: The Rebellion is Discovered

Saint119, the ACP’s current leader, was making a speech on army news. I, Klug1234, was asssigned to bodyguard Saint during this time. Me and the other soldiers working as guards were standing all over the perimeter of the room, ready to strike at a moment’s noticed if needed. I was standing closest to Saint so i could reach her if she needed to be evacuated quickly. Most ACP soldiers were at the meeting, but some were not present. I was looking around at the crowd when i spotted the sniper. I started talking into my commlink, talking to Saint, who had a one way comm in her ear. “Saint, there is a suspected sniper in the crowd, we are going to be dealing with him immeadietly. If i say ‘Get down!’ get under cover.” Saint continued giving the speech, but nodded as she talked.  I then used my comm to talk to the other guards. “Suspected sniper in crowd, above us. 3 of you come with me to arrest him.” 3 of the guards silently came up behind me. We went up to the stairs to get to the upper level, staying low, so the sniper would not see us. After getting up the stairs, the sniper was dead ahead. I started sprinting at him. He had a sniper rifle, and was about to pull the trigger. I spoke into the comm while running. “Saint, get down!” Below me, saint dropped to the floor, gettting under cover. Everyone stood up, wondering what was happening. The sniper fired 2 shots. Both of them missed. I sprinted at the sniper and tackled him to the ground. He got up, aimed a kick at my face. I dodged the kick, grabbed his leg, pinned the sniper to the ground, and took out a pistol from my pocket. i pressed it on the sniper. “Who are you?” i asked. He didnt answer. I pressed the gun harder into his stomach. “Why were you trying to kill Saint?” This time he answered. “A… conspiracy.” “A conspiracy to do what?” i demanded. “A conspiracy… to put a new leader of ACP into position.” The sniper answered. I ripped off the mask the sniper was wearing. Under it was a face i knew. An ACP soldiers face. I was shocked. “Guys, we have a situation here. The sniper is an ACP soldier.” i said. “WHAT!!?!” someone yelled. I turned around. Saint was running towards us. “The snipers an ACP soldier? Trying to kill me?” she said. I said,”I guess. This is bad. There may be a group of people in ACP that are plotting to overthrow you as leader, Saint. He said something about a conspiracy.” All of a sudden, there were loud bangs outside and we heard gunfire. We ran outside.  There were 2 ACP soldiers dead, lying on the ground at a wall. On the wall, written in blood was “THE CIVIL WAR HAS BEGUN.”

Chapter 2: We were all shocked. A civil war had began against ACP. Only problem is, we didnt know who was in the rebellion. In the days that followed the assasination attempt on Saint, about 20 ACP soldiers were arrested as part of the rebellion. No one really knew if they were in the rebellion or not. It was horrible. You would see ACP soldiers firing on each other. It was chaos. Me and Packer1NFL were talking about it. “So many soldiers are being arrested.” he was saying. “I doubt half of them are even in the rebellion.” “I know, this war is horrible.” i said. We looked around at the other people around us. “The horrible thing about it, is that any of these people could be in the rebellion.” i said. I sighed. Suddenly, Packer yelled across the room, “Hey Striker! come over here.” A soldier came over to us. Striker121 was a somewhat new soldier to ACP, but he was a high rank, a Major General like me, and very popular. “Whats up guys?” He said. Packer said, “You guys arrested any more suspected rebels?”  Striker pulled up a chair and sat down. “No, we didnt catch anyone, but we were attacked. 5 rebels fired RPGs and a machine gun at us for about a minute, then ran off. They were wearing masks.” “Was anyone killed?” i asked, nervously. “1 ACP soldier was killed. 3 others were wounded” This war had been going on for less then a week, yet it had taken a total on ACP.

Chapter 3: The Discovery

A week later, the war was still going on and it had intensified. Small battles were being fought, and weapons and explosives were being stolen from the ACP and used against us.The ACP had deployed a special team of soldiers to find and arrest people in the rebellion. I had taken part in 3 battles with the rebellion. They were very hard to defeat, because of there intense ACP training. I was walking around Breeze, doing nothing in particular. I turned a corner into a building that was unoccupied. Or, at least i thought i was un occupied. I was wrong. I was going to go into a room and get some rest, when i heard voices. “Youll never get away with this! Ill report you to Saint and youll be arrested!” said someone. Another voice replied, coldly saying, “Oh, but i already have. I will kill you, and then no one will no about me.” I stood next to the wall and peered around the corner. What i saw was shocking. Striker was standing there, pistol in hand, pointing it at an ACP soldier. 9 bodies lay dead on the ground.  I gasped. What the heck was going on here? Striker pulled, the trigger, and shot the ACP soldier in the head. Within 5 seconds, he was dead. I stormed in. “What the hell are you doing? you just killed a fellow soldier!” i yelled. He raised the gun at me. “I dont want to kill you klug, let me explain.” I hesitated, then said. “Fine then. explain.” “Well” Striker said, “I am the leader of the rebellion from ACP.” I gasped. “You- how could you! How could you be the leader! You fought against them!!” i yelled wildly. Before Striker could say anything, I bellowed “TRAITOR!!!” Striker was calm as possible. He said, “You dont realize the purposes for the rebellion. You may think i am evil, dont you? I will prove you otherwise. Saint is the evil one here. She is planning to destroy all other CP armies. By overthrowing Saint, ACP will be ridded of its corruption. You are my friend, klug. Will you join me? if you do, and we win, i will make you a General of the Army Of Club Penguin.” I answered immeadietly. “No, i will not join you and your rebels. My duty is to the real ACP. I will be reporting you very shortly.” Striker said calmly, “Oh, no you won’t. You can leave now.” I left, and that ended the friendship of me and Striker.

Chapter 4: The Arrest

I was running, sprinting at times, trying to find someone to tell that Striker was the leader of the Rebellion. I started walking, because some people were staring. i turned a corner, and saw 2 ACP soldiers, Ktman and Tylo45. I ran up to them “Hey, guys, i have to tell you-” WHAM! Kt jumped me and knocked me to the ground. “What the hell?!!” They turned me so i was lying on my stomach, and Tylo put handcuffs on me. “What the hell is going on?!!?” I half bellowed, half asked. Kt said blankly, “You have the right to remain silent, everything you say will be used against you in court.” In court? What was going on? They half dragged me to the ACP prison. They shoved me into a cell, and took the handcuffs off. “You court case is tomorrow.” I was extremely confused. “Ok- er, what the heck am i charged with?” i asked, as Tylo started to leave. He said, “Oh yeah, i guess you havw the right to know. You are charged with killing 10 ACP soldiers and being a high rank in the rebellion.”  “WHAT! IM NOT IN THE REBELLION, AND I DIDNT KILL THOSE SOLDIERS!!!”  i bellowed, but there was no one to hear me. Tylo had left. I was alone.

Chapter 5: The Trial

I was in a courtroom. The whole of ACP was there, coming to see the case of Klug and Striker. The judge, Saint, hit the mallet. “Order in the court!” She said. “Klug1234, you are accused by Striker121 of killing 10 ACP soldiers, and being a high rank in the Rebellion. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?” I said, “I plead not guilty.” Saint said, “Ok Klug, you can now state your case.” I took a deep breath, and stated my story. When i was done, Saint nodded. She then said, “Striker, pleaser state your side of the case. I thought to myself, How is striker going to present anything that will get me proven guilty? Striker stood up and started his side of the story. “Well, i was walking along, when i went into a side alleyway. I saw Klug, killing the last 2 of the soldiers. The other bodies were lying around. I ran up to him, said “Klug, you just killed 10 soldiers! what the heck!” Klug then told me that he was in the rebellion, and that he would kill me if i told anyone. I then ran out, told you guys about Klug, and now he’s arrested. Thats all i got.” My heart sank. That was a well reahersed LIE!  Saint said, “Ok. The jury and i will now decide whether Klug is guilty or not.” The jury meeting lasted for what seemed like FOREVER. Finally, they reached a verdict. “Klug1234, you have been decided to be GUILTY bye me and the Jury. You are fired from the ACP, under arrest, and you are to be executed by HANGING. ” There was a roar of gasps from the crowd. “WHAT!!!” I screamed to the heavens. “YOUR GOING TO KILL ME!! IVE DONE EVERYTHING FOR THIS ARMY, AND NOW YOUR GOING TO KILL ME!” I pointed at  Striker. “HES THE LEADER OF THE REBELLION, HE IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD BE KILLING. HE’S A TRAITOR!! HES A LIAR! HE’S THE ONE YOU WANT!!” But it was too late, i was tooken back to the prison, except this time i was in a High Security cell. I had no feeling, except rage. I was going to die. I was going to die. I was going to die. I fell asleep thinking Im going to die… im going to die…

Chapter 6: The Escape

I was sleeping for what felt like a long time. It shouldve been the last time i ever slept. It wasnt. At 2:30 in the morning, i woke up with a start. A sound was coming from outside of my cell. Like someone picking a lock… i thought. All of a sudden, the cell door open. I stood up, ready to fight if i had to. I inched towards the door. Outside in the hallway was the craziest scene ever. Packer, Tylo, and my good friend Anchor Lad were all standing in the hallway, grinning. My guard was lying on the ground. “All right, Klug?” They asked. “Whats going on?” I asked, extremely confused. “Were busting you outta here.” Packer said simply. “We know you were innocent, and we dont wanna see you die, so were getting you out.” Said Tylo. I was happier than i had even though possible. Anchor Lad said, “I’m coming with you, wherever your going. I quit ACP last night, shortly after you were taken out of the courtroom. Charged right up to saint and said it right at her face.” “Ok then, lets go.” I said enthusiasticly. Me, packer, Tylo, and Anchor Lad walked out of the prison. Anchor Lad and i then escaped, hoping to destroy the rebellion with help from a few old friends.

Chapter 7: Meeting up with old friends

As me and Anchor Lad left the ACP, we stole some explosives and weapons from the Supply room, as i still knew the access code to get in to it. Carrying some grenades and an Assault Rifle, i felt a bit more confident. We then took a plane to the server Parka, my home server and controlled by the ST, or Shadow Troops. I was happy to notice that ACP obviously hadnt said anything about my escape, so no one was on the lookout for me. Anchor Lad and I walked around Parka for a while, remembering everything about it. We asked around if anyone knew where Chris16koko lived.  We found out the location, went to the igloo, and knocked on the door. A familiar face came to the door. Chris16koko, or as we called him, Koko, was an old friend of mine and Anchor Lad. We used to be in a gang before the ST arrived, and pretty much did whatever we wanted. The CP police couldnt stop us. Koko was shocked to see us. “K-kl- Klug? Anchor?” We both smiled. “What’s up, koko?” We all exchanged hands and then we came into the igloo. Koko yelled, “Faz, look who showed up?” Another person came into the igloo. Fazcooldude was another one of our friends. “KLUG!” He yelled and gave me a high five. He did the same to Anchor. “Anyway” i said as we all sat down on chairs, “What’s up with you guys? How youve been managing with the ST everywhere?” Koko scowled. “Not very good. As you know, the ST arrived shortly before you guys left- or should i say escaped, to the ACP.” Me and Anchor smirked. We had to leave the server to join the ACP a little sooner than we wouldve liked, after a particuarly nasty robbery of the Pizza Parlor. 4 people shot, a gunfight with the ST, and a high speed chase led to me and Anchor escaping on a boat to Breeze. “Anyway, the ST has cracked down on crime, leaving me and Faz mostly nothing to do.” I said with a grin, “Good. Well, im going to give you guys something to do. You know the Civil War going on in ACP?” They nodded. “Well, ive been blamed to be the leader of the rebellion and was imprisoned, i managed to escape, but i now i need help destroying the rebels. I cant go to the ACP, right now, they will kill me on sight. Thats why i want you guys to help me.” “You, want us, 4 people, to take down a entire army? Im so in.” Faz said. I nodded. “You in, Koko?” I asked. “Yeah,” He said, “I dont know how were going to pull this off, but it sounds like fun.” We then arranged to go to Snow Globe to attack one of the rebels bases.  What we didnt know was that 10 ACP soldiers would be kidnapped and taken to that exact base.

Chapter 8: The Rescue

“Enemy truck sited with hostages in it. Ready to rescue em?”  Said koko as the seemingly harmless truck charged up the road. The Truck had 2 Rebel soldiers in it, and 6 ACP Soldier hostages in it, all of them my friends in the ACP. Foxtails, Packer, Bluey, Boomer (No idea why he was there, he was retired),  Thomas, and Bfan. They were kidnapped 2 days ago in Breeze, and were almost at this Rebel base in Snow Globe. Me and my friends were in total black, with helmets to protect our faces, and night vision goggles. Faz and i were standing on opposite sides of the truck. The truck stopped, just outside of the range of the base. We had jammed the radar so no one would see us on the radar. The truck stopped. Me and faz ran up to the front doors of the truck. “Smoke em.” I said. We put our silenced machine guns up to the window and killed the Rebel Soldiers. We then went around to the back of the truck, one of those storage things. “Koko, Anchor, i need you guys to watch the base. They could see us at any moment.” I opened the doors. Inside were 6 ACP soldiers, fearing for their lives. Boomer stood up and said, “Who are you?” I said nothing and motioned for them to come with me and faz. We got them over to a little hut which me and my friends had been using for a temporary shelter.  Once again, Boomer said, “Who are you guys?” I turned up the lights, walked up to the soldiers, who were in a little group, and took off my helmet. They all gasped. “KLUG!” Packer roared, and gave me a quick hug. “So you guys escaped okay? I was worried you mightve been caught.” Fox said, nervously, “Umm, packer? What the hell is going on here?” She pointed at me. “YOUR supposed to be dead!” I wasnt surprised. “They havent said anything about my escape?”  From the look of the faces on the soldiers, obviously not. “So,” said Bluey. “Your alive, and you escaped from jail? Wow.” Boomer said seriously, “Klug, were taking you back to ACP.” I went pale. “No, we cant do that. I need your guy’s help. I want you guys to help me defeat the Rebels.” “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. I thought you were in the rebellion?” asked bfan. “Im not.” I said shortly. “So, is anyone up for helping me? It will mean making ACP think you are all possibly dead, though.” Despite that, they all agreed to help me. I introduced them to my Faz and Koko, and gave the soldiers weapons. We were ready to start destroying the rebellion.

Chapter 9: The Bombing Of Breeze

My team and i had traveled back to breeze, using a igloo in the middle of the woods as headquarters. I had explained to the team that Striker was the leader of the rebellion, so we set out to kill Striker. We spent weeks of gathering intel, taking turns spying on a rebellion base that we think Striker was at. Striker had left the ACP for good, pretending to be sick so he didnt have to do anything. He was working on the Rebellion full-time now. We had stolen computers from stores, not proud of what we did, but we did it for our very survival. Thom was on the computer, planning a strategy to get into the rebellion base. “Guys,” He said. “And girls,” He then said, following a satisfied look from fox, “I think the best way to get into the rebel base is by taking out the guards, disabling the alarm system, find Striker, and kill him.” “Yeah,” said Bfan, “But that sounds like a lot of work.” he complained. “Not really.” I said. “Faz over here knows how to hack.” Faz grinned. His hacking had saved us many times on parka. Boomer said, “You can hack, Faz? That makes it a lot simpler. We hack the alarm system and destroy it, so when we go in the place doesnt light up like a christmas tree.” “Sounds good.” said Koko. “I say we do it tonight.” he said. Bluey said anxiously, “You sure? Tonight?” “Why not?” I said. “We do it tonight, we can kill Striker,and possibly end this war.” It was agreed that we would go to the base tonight.

                                                                                                                      2 HOURS LATER

We were lying down on the ground, right outside the base. Packer sniped the rebel guards silently and perfectly. We moved up to the wall of the base. I found the alarm system, hooked it up to Faz’s computer, and said, “Faz, work your magic.” Faz got really focused in and started hitting buttons in a complex pattern that i thought was impossible. Anchor ran over to Faz and said, “Ill cover faz.” It all went wrong from there. Faz said while he was hacking, really mad, “What the heck? I cant hack into the system.” That was bad. Faz had never had trouble hacking. At that moment, 15 Rebel soldiers came around and started shooting the instant they saw us. “CONTACT RIGHT! CONTACT RIGHT!” I yelled. We started returning fire at the rebels. One of the rebels ran over to me, and i stabbed him with my knife. “Yeah, take that!” I yelled. The Rebels eventually were all dead. “What the heck was that?” Fox asked. “I dont know, fox. I think the Rebels knew we were here.” Said boomer. Faz had been unsuccessful at hacking the alarm system, which was a first. “I think we should get out of here.” I said. The attack on the base was a complete fail. As we made our way back to HQ, we saw planes fly over us. I knew what would happen before it did. “EVERYONE GET DOWN!!” The bombs fell like rain. Everything was destroyed. Boomer shouted, “EVERYONE GET BACK TO HQ!!! NOW!!! We all started sprinting like mad, occasionly tripping. Before we got to HQ, we stopped and rested on a hill. I stood on the top of the hill, and looked through my binoculars. What i saw was shocking. “Theyre- the rebels are marching on Breeze. They just dropped all the bombs. Theyre invading breeze.”

Chapter 10-The Fall Of a Hero

We were all back at HQ, watching  TV. The news was on- special edition about the invasion of Breeze. “Heavy fighting in the west of  Breeze continues, while the rest of Breeze the ACP still controls.” Fox turned the TV off. Boomer was speechless. “I led this army. I chose Saint to be leader. We have to help ACP. Some of our friends are out there, fighting for their lives. Weve got to help them.” “We will.” I said. Bluey stood up. “If were going to help them, lets help now. I want to kick some rebel butt!” Koko stood up. “Ok, whos up for going out there and wasting those rebels!” A chorus of “ME!” roared through the room. We grabbed our weapons and set out to defend Breeze. We ran into the town, where the rebels were pushing inward towards the  Gift Shop. We opened fire on the rebels. The ACP soldiers were not in the town for some reason. The town, and the rest of the server, was a wasteland. The bombing had wasted it. Someone shot an RPG and it hit the Gift Shop. Debris rained all over us. “FOUR OF YOU COME HERE, LETS CLEAR THE COFFEE SHOP. THE REST OF YOU STAY HERE!” Said Boomer. Me, Boomer, Koko, Bluey, and Packer went piled up next to the coffee shop. I threw a stun grenade, or a Flashbang, in. As soon as the flashbang went off, we charged into the room. Rebels, stunned by the grenade, were lying on the ground, blinded by the flashbang. We shot them.  “Ok guys, lets go check the book room.” Boomer said. Just as we were about to go upstairs, the ceiling exploded. We were flung back down into the wall. A bomb had been dropped by the ACP on the coffee shop. Debris was everywhere, and you could hardly recognize the coffee shop for what it once was. I got up. Koko did too. “Is everyone ok?” He asked. Boomer and Packer stood up. “Were fine.” Packer said. “Just a few cuts and bruises.” “Wait, where’s Bluey?” I said. We started picking up debris, cleaning off the floor, looking for Bluey. “Bluey? Bluey? You there, Bluey?” We said.  There was a silence. Then, “Guys. Come here.” From Packer. We walked over to where Packer was kneeling. Packer was kneeling over Bluey. He was crushed by the Debris. He looked up. “Guys… guys..” He said. “Destroy the rebels for me. I dont want to go for nothing.” I kneeled over Bluey. “Bluey, dont go, dont go.” But it was too late. Bluey breathed his last breath, and his head fell backwards. He was dead. “NO!” I screamed. I started crying. Boomer went over to me and said, “Klug, i know its sad that Bluey is dead, but we have to keep fighting. Dont let him die in vain.” I stood up, grabbed my gun, and said, “I know. I wont let him die in vain. I will kill Striker and the Rebellion. I will avenge Bluey’s death.” And with that, we headed back outside, into the war that had killed so many people all ready. Who will die next? I thought. Well, only one way to find out.

Chapter 11: The Chaos Of War

Ktman and his team were under cover, positioned in the Dock. Their job was to take out the 3 rebel tanks in the Dock. Jediseth crawled over to Kt. “Ready to engage the enemy, sir?” Seth asked. “Yes.” Kt answered. They all took out their RPG’s and asimed at the tanks. They fired. The RPGs took out one of the tanks. “One tank down, 2 to go.” Said Batin. A helicopter appeared above the tanks. “GET DOWN!!!” screamed Kt. The ACP soldiers dived down onto the ground. The Rebel helicopter raked the ground with bullets. Kt ran over to the radio. “Saint, were pinned down by a helicopter. Requesting permission for air support?” Saint replied, “Air support on its way. Make good use of your weapons, and watch out. It looks like there’s more rebel soldiers heading into the dock.”  Kt swore. “Just what we needed.” He muttered as he took cover next to seth again. Kt saw 5 rebel soldiers under cover near a tank. He picked up a rock, and threw it at them. It landed in front of them. The rebel soldiers popped, out, thinking it was a grenade and wondering why it hadnt exploded. Kt put his gun up and mowed down the rebels.  “AND STAY DOWN!!” screamed Kt. Batinreche looked over at Kt. “God kt, ive never seen you this intense.” Batin peeked his head over the cover, and in a second he was down, blood pouring out of his head. “Oh sh- MEDIC!!” called Seth. A Major came over. “Er- the medic was killed by a grenade.” “Damn it!” yelled Kt. He crawled over to Batin. “Hang in there, buddy. Were going to get you out of this.” 2 ACP helicopters came over the soldiers heads. “Chopper to Fireteam, come in fireteam.” came over the radio. Kt grabbed the radio. “Were here, we have wounded with us, we need to get the hell outta here. Can you guys destroy the last 2 tanks with a missle and get us outta here?” “Sure thing.” came the reply over the radio.  The missles flew through the air and collided with the tanks. 2 explosions later, the tanks were no longer. “Ok guys, lets get out of here.” Just then, Kt fell to the ground. Im hit!  thought Kt, but then he looked around. Rebel soldiers were tackling the ACP soldiers. A rebel soldier was on top of Kt, trying to take his pistol out to shoot kt. Kt brought his fist up and punched the rebels jaw. The rebel fell back, staggering. Kt aimed a kick at him that would take out his knee. The rebel blocked the kick with his hand, then punched kt in the stomach. Kt doubled over, lying on the ground. “Now you will die, Kt.” Said the rebel soldier. “Tie him and his friends up. Bring them back to base.” Just then, an explosion from nearby washed over the soldiers. The helicopter troops were coming. Shots were fired. Kt looked up. bullets were being fired over his head. the rebel soldiers went down, dead. ACP soldiers ran up to their comrades. one ran up to Kt. “Your going to be al right, Kt.” said a voice. Kt looked up. Dryvit was staring at him. “Your going to be all right.” Kt blacked out.

Chapter 12: The Hostage

We walked back out of the coffee shop and into the town. There, the rest of the group had made the Rebels in the town retreat. When we got back to the group, Fox asked, “Where’s Bluey?” I looked at the ground. “Bluey is dead. He was killed by falling wreckage of the coffee shop.” said Boomer sollemnly. There was a long silence.  “Uh, anyway, where’d the rebels go?” Asked Packer. “They all retreated back into the dock. The last thing they did before leaving was destroying the coffee shop.” Said Thom. Just then, someone sprinted out of the Dance Club and started running towards the dock.  He was wearing a rebel uniform. “SOMEBODY GET HIM!” Shouted Packer. We all sprinted up to him. Anchor tried to tackle him. He kicked Anchor in the face. Boomer eventually tackled him and pinned him to the ground. I ran over to him. I recognized him. It was Uno. “Uno?” I said weakly. “You joined them, too?” “That’s right, Klug!” said Uno evilly. “I’m one of the rebellions highest officers.” Koko snorted. “Well then, Uno, youll be able to tell us where Striker is, wont you?” he said, sniggering. “Why would i tell you retards that?” said Uno with a smile. I wound my fist up, and punched Uno in the face. “Because if you dont,” I said, with a giant grin. “I will kill you.” A pistol slid out of my sleeve, onto my hand. The end where the bullet came out was pressed into Uno’s side. “Tell me where striker is, and i might not kill you.” Scared, but determined, Uno said, “Never.” I punched him again, this time harder. “TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!!” I roared. I pressed the gun even harder into his side. “FINE, ILL TELL YOU!” wailed Uno. “JUST DONT KILL ME, DONT KILL ME. STRIKER IS AT THE BREEZE DOJO, THATS THE REBEL MAIN BASE. JUST DONT KILL ME!!!” I smiled. “Thank you for your information, but im afraid your too late to save your life.” I pulled the trigger.

Uno fell to the ground, dead. “Klug…” Fox said. “I know…” i said. “I realized i have just done a horrible, cold blooded act.But it is all for the greater good. We know where Striker is now. We can kill him, soon.” “Thats great and all,” Anchor Lad said. “But, there’s one problem. About 200 rebel soldiers are approaching the town. We need to get out of here, fast.”

Chapter 13: The chapter without a name

“Oh, snap.” Said Bfan. “Dang it, we need to get out of here, FAST.” 

“We need someone to distract them, though.” Said Faz.

“Ill do it.” Said Anchor seriously. “Anyone else want to join me?”

“Ill help.” Whispered Bfan.

“Ok, you two go get into position over there.” Boomer pointed to the coffee shop. “Hold off as many as you can, while we get the hell outta here. You guys sure you want to do this? You will most likely die, you know.”

Bfan and Anchor nodded. They moved into position, guns ready. The rebels kept marching forward. “Open fire.” whispered Bfan, his whole body shaking. They opened fire. Gunfire rained down on the rebels, killing 8, wounding four. The rebels instantly started firing back. Anchor and Bfan held their own for a minute, then started to become overrun. Anchor switched to using a pistol and a knife, killing every rebel in site. “I just remembered something.” Said Thom.

“What?” asked the group in unison.

“WERE SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!” Screamed Thom. We all ran, stumbled, sprinted, and sometimes crawled, out of the town. We didnt stop running until we were at the Plaza. We sat down. koko took out a sniper rifle, and looked through the scope. “What are you doing?” asked Boomer.

“Im checking too see if Anchor and Bfan are still alive.” Koko responded quickly. “Woah.” He said.

“What?” I asked. “Theres almost 100 rebel soldiers dead on the ground. Anchor and Bfan are dead, though.” said Koko.

“No way.” said fox. “There’s no way they killed 100 rebel soldiers by themselves. Thats impossible.”

“Actually, Anchor is a much better hand to hand combat fighter than with guns.” said faz. “So, your saying they killed half of those rebels?” asked fox challengingly.

“I dont know what happened.” said faz calmly. “Ok.” said Boomer. “What do we do next?”

“Were killing Striker, thats whats happening next.” I said quietly. “Now is the perfect time. Striker has almost won, the ACP has almost been defeated, Striker will not be expecting an assasination attempt. So, we go tonight?” We all agreed.

                                                                                                 *                              *                                          *

Back at the ACP base, under Breeze, all leaders and Generals were having a meeting in the Special Operations room.

“Im sorry to say this, guys, but we are losing this.” Saint said to the group. She looked around. Bobcat and Div were there. Dragon was there. Foxtails was kidnapped and for all they knew, dead. Ironkid was killed in action, or KIA. Thomas was also kidnapped. Thebest was there. Jediseth and Kt had just come back from a battle. Nate had openly declared support for the rebels and was thrown into prison. Meat and Dryv were there.

 “As i was saying, the rebels have been beating us in almost every battle.” she continued.

“So, what do you suggest we do?” Said a very ticked off Meat.

“Well, we do the only thing we can do. A last, desprate attempt to destroy the rebellion. We send in everyone that can fight.”  she said, dreading that there was some other way. There was a long silence.

“I suppose your right.” said Dry, a little depressed. The rest of them did not need to answer. They all agreed, silently. One last chance to save ACP. Either they would save ACP, or they would destroy it.

They hoped the latter would not come true.

Chapter 14: The Beginning Of The End

“Ugh, i hate climbing.” said Thom as we climbed up the mountain to the Dojo.

“Well, deal with it.” snapped Fox. The group had been climbing up the mountain for 2 hours. We were all tired, especially fox. Then, a helicopter flew by us.

“That was an ACP helicopter.” said Boomer. “What was that doing here?” 

“I dunno.” commented Thom. As we talked about why an ACP helicopter would be so close to the rebel base, more helicopters flew by. We heard loud bangs in the distance.

“Crap.” I said suddenly. Packer rolled his eyes.

“Klug, there isnt time to crap right now. Crap in yourself if you have to, your a toilet!” he said. Now i rolled my eyes. “No,  i just realized that ACP might be full scale attacking the rebel base.”

“Well, if thats true, we gotta get up there as fast as possible!” Yelled Boomer. I supposed so. Cant have ACP killing Striker before we even get up there. We climbed faster, and we got up there in about 30 minutes. 

“Dang it, they started without us!” Yelled Thom.ACP Soldiers were attempting to storm the base, but the rebels were putting up a good fight.

 “Well, we’ll just have to join in the fun!” said Koko. “Ok, lets set up a sniping spot in which we can scan the area for Striker.” We found a crater from an artillery shell, and set up in it.

“About 100 yards from rebel base.” said fox. She took out a sniper rifle, and aimed it at the base. “The first rebel i see is going to be beheaded.” she said dangerously. And, of course, a rebel stupidly popped his head out of cover, right on que. Fox fired, and the head went flying. We saw Ktman leading ACP soldiers trying to break into a base.

“Damn it,” i said. “How are we supposed to kill Striker without being seen by the ACP?”

“I dunno. Let’s just wait, and see if we can find him.” suggested Boomer. The fighting continued for 5 long hours. We were running low on ammo. It had looked like the ACP was going to lose, but they fought back and repeateadly shot heavy arms fire at the Dojo. Tanks were sent in, the whole deal. The rebels had placed mines around their base, and ACP machinery and soldiers were being blown up repeatedly. “Hey, look!” Thom pointed. “THE DOJO IS COMING DOWN!!”

The Dojo, the main base of the rebels, was falling down. It had taken too much of the ACP’s artillery fire. Rebels came pouring out of the base. We started shooting at them. It was fox who found him. Over the chaos, she screamed, “KLUG! STRIKER! HE’S RUNNING FOR IT!”

“Ok.” i replied. “Lets chase him down.” I turned to Boomer. “Boomer! Me and Fox are going after Striker. You and Packer follow behind us.” He nodded, and continued shooting.  Me and Fox picked up guns, and sprinted through the chaos. We saw Striker trying to get to the woods. “SHOOT HIM!” I bellowed. Fox and i started shooting like mad at striker, but shooting while running is not an easy thing to do. Bullets seemed to slam into everywhere but Striker. “HES HEADING FOR THAT HOUSE!” Yelled Fox.

We sprinted after him. Striker slammed the front door of the house open, and dissapeared inside. Me and Fox ran inside. Striker was attempting to hide behind a couch in a corner. He took out a pistol. I shot his pistol out of his hand before he couldve done anything.  I punched him in the stomach, which brought him to the ground. “I hate you.” i whispered, my body shaking. “Im going to kill you.”

“Kill me then.” Striker whispered. “Make the worst decision of your life, and kill me.” I weighed my options. Either One: Kill striker. 2. Dont kill striker. I went with option number 1. I shot Striker 5 times in the chest. His body jerked, and then finally came to rest on the ground. “It’s over.” I said. Finally, it was over. Or, i thought it was.

“Ah, Klug1234 and Foxtails. What a pleasent surprise.” Said a farmiliar voice behind me. I turned around, pointed my gun at a dark corner where the voice had came from. “What the-” said Fox.

The last two people i expected came out of the darkness.

“Shab?” I said. At the same time, Fox was saying, “Mitch?” Yes, Shab and Mitch had stepped out of the darkness. I lowered my weapon. “Guys, the rebellion is over. I just killed the rebel leader.” Mitch sniggered.

“Oh, we are not finished.” he said. “Uh, ok- hey, what the hell do you mean by we?” Fox asked. Shab drew a pistol from what seemed like thin air and simply pointed it at me and fox.

“Drop your weapons if you want to live.” He said threateningly.

“What the heck is going on?” I yelled. “Oh, crap. Your rebels, arent you! Well, too bad your finished. I killed your leader.”

“Thats when your wrong.” Mitch sniggered. “Striker was never leader of the rebels. We are. Striker was just a pawn, for us not to be discovered.” Fox was shocked.

“Mitch, how could you?” she asked. Mitch shrugged. “Because Saint is a horrible leader, and we needed to do something about it.” he said. “Now, DROP YOUR WEAPONS!” roared Shab. We didnt drop our weapons. Shab pulled the trigger of his pistol. I braced myself, waiting for the uninveitible impact. But nothing happened.

Chapter 15: Eff you, Shab!

Boomer and Packer walked in right as it happened. I thought the bullet was meant for me. It wasnt. Fox fell to the ground, here whole body pale, blood pouring out of her right leg. Boomer bolted over to fox. “Fox, Oh my God, are you okay?” Then he saw who had put the bullet in her leg. “Shab?” He said weakly. “How could you?” “I TRUSTED YOU!” Boomer roared. Packer also came in.

“What the heck is going on?” He asked. he saw Fox, Shab holding the gun, Boomer looking as if he was about to kill someone, and Mitch, grinning his face off. He seemed to know what was happening immeadietly.  “Are you going to take that grin off your face, Mitch?” he said, “Or do i have to shoot it off?”

“Oh, shut up, you little noob.” Mitch said, still grinning.

“FOX TRUSTED YOU. WE ALL TRUSTED YOU!” Packer yelled, ticked off.  Boomer stood up. Boomer and Packer looked at each other, and silently understood. They dropped their guns, and Boomer punched Shab in the face.

Shab dropped his gun, and kicked Boomer in the chest. Mitch dropped down to the ground, and tried to pick up Shab’s gun. I stepped on Shab’s gun.

“Not so fast.” i said, kicking Mitch in the face. Packer yelled, “AUUUURGH!” And he tackled Mitch, punching him in the gut. Shab had Boomer pinned against the wall, and brought up a knife to Boomer’s face. “How does it, feel, knowing your about to die?” Shab yelled at Boomer. “SHUT UP!!!” Boomed Boomer, and he kicked Shab in the chest, throwing him onto the ground. Mitch punched Packer repeatedly, throwing Packer to the ground. Despite Packer’s struggles, he couldnt defeat Mitch alone. I knew what i had to do. I jumped on Mitch, threw him on the ground, and kicked his chest. Shab and Boomer’s fight was almost over. Boomer punched Shab in the face, shab hopelessly trying to block them. Boomer was not to be stopped. He threw Shab to the ground, and took Shab’s own pistol. “Never touch my girlfriend again.” He breathed.

Shab was to try one last attempt. “Come on, Boomer. We’re friends, remember? Let me go, man.”

All boomer said was, “Fuck you.” He shot Shab in the heart, making death instant. Mitch roared, and shoved me and packer off of him. He ran into the night, saying “This isnt over! This is only the beggining!”

“Yeah, well, good luck with that!” yelled Packer. We all ran over to fox. “We have to get her back to the ACP, and fast.” whispered Boomer.

Chapter 16: Hoorah!

We walked back to the ACP base. The ACP had completely demolished the rebels in the battle. We had found Thom, koko, and Faz, and we walked back.  When i walked in, about 20 guns were aimed on me in about one second. Boomer came running to prevent them from killing me.

“Hold it! We have an injured person here.” he yelled. Medics came running over to Fox. The leaders of ACP walked up to us. Saint said, “I am sorry i threw you in jail and tried to kill you. You may return to the ACP, and have your rank back. Also, would your friends Koko and Faz like to join the ACP? I hear they are very good soldiers.”

Koko and faz went up to saint. “Thanks, but no thanks. We like being thugs more than soldiers. We like parka better.” they said.

“Where are the other soldiers that werek kidnapped with you?” Meat asked. This time Thom answered. “Blueh, Anchor, and Bfan are dead.”

“Oh.” Said Meat. “We will have a soldiers funeral for them, and the other soldiers that were killed in this war.” Said Saint. I kept thinking about what Mitch had said. “This isnt the end, this is just the beggining!” “You do know Mitch and Shab were the real leaders of the rebellion. Boomer killed Shab, Mitch got away.”


This isnt the end, this is just the beginning.



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    • klug1234 said,

      Im afraid the story isnt going to happen like that fox… but there IS happy ending 😀

      Fox: See, flirting’s a good weapon because it requires no ammo except half a brain and a bra. (Kidding O.O)

  8. TyloV5 said,

    Yes, I saved you. You’re welcome Klug.

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    Can I come back and totally own later? Like, someone’s about to kill Meat or Dry and I shoot them from behind? Pleeeeease?

    • TyloV5 said,

      Nice try fox. It’s the battle at Thermopylae pass between the Spartans and the Persians (like you said) that the movie 300 was based on. It happened during the Persian War.

      And anyway, the Spartans lost, so I don’t know how that supports your point…

      That does supports fox’s point. We’re all going to assume Anchor and Bfan didnt live through that.

    • klug1234 said,

      Well, i have an important job for you in the story that will make boomer go on a total rampage 😀 And, i wasnt even thinking about that battle when i wrote that sentence O__O and i guess i owe you 5 bucks, because i probably wont spell thermoplyae right.

      Fox: If you kill me, you are so dead!

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