The Civil War: Book 2: Uprise, by Klug1234



Person was running for his life. Litteraly. Somebody had tried to kill him, Akabob had told the whole nacho army that Person was going to destroy the nachos and declared that Person must be killed. He has assembled his 50 man nacho soldier secret service, which were totally loyal to him, and had gone on the run. He had contacted ACP and they were going to get him out of this mess. Only, he didnt even know how he got in this mess.

                                                                              *                                  *                                           *

Iceyfeet woke up with a start. There was a commotion outside his bedroom at the IW base. “Somebody stop him!” shouted a voice. a person dressed in black ran into the room holding a knife. The uknown assasin lunged at Icey, but Icey was too quick for him. Punching the would be assasin in the face, the person dropped to the ground, unconcious. 5 of Icey’s security guards ran into the room. “Are you all right, sir?” They asked.

“Im fine.” Icey said. Icey tried to go back to sleep. The next morning, Icey looked out his window and saw a bloody battle going on. IW soldiers were firing at each other. He ran outside to his bodyguards. “What the heck is happening?!” he said.

“There has been a rebellion, sir.” one of the bodyguards said blankly.  All around Club Penguin, large armies were being overthrown. Some leaders escaped, some were killed. The leaders that escaped sent an emergency message to ACP.

                                                                                        *                                                *                                               *

“Excellent,” Said Aka. “Excellent. Soon ACP will be conquered, and we will rule Club Penguin.”

Mitch was right. This is not the end, this is only the beginning.

Chapter 1:

Cody had ticked us off for the last time. He had insulted me and Packer, and we were done. His latest insult had been followed by a hard push at me. I stumbled, and then tried to shove Cody. Cody’s friend, Tuxy, got in my way. “You think your tough?” he asked.

“Tougher than you.” I replied, and punched him in the face. Packer came behind me and tried to tackle Tuxy, but Cody kicked Packer. We were all wrestling on the ground. A crowd had formed around us.

“Ok, BREAK IT UP!” screamed a voice. I scrambled to my feet, and looked around. Danny was standing there. “Klug, Packer, the leaders want to see you in the Spec. Ops. room.” he said quietly. Me and Packer scrambled to our feet and started walking back to the base. Cody still stood in the middle of the circle.

“WE’LL FINISH THIS LATER.” he screamed.

“What do you think they want us for?” asked Packer.

“I dunno.” i replied. As we reached the door, a security guard opened it for us and said “The leaders will be with you shortly.”  What could this be about?  I wondered. Packer and i took seats, and we waited. After about 3 minutes the leaders came in. Dry was first, the new leader appointed by Saint. Then Meat and Kt came in, followed by Nono and Fox. Fox was still shaken up a little from her bullet wound, but was recovering more and more every day. Packer and i stood up and snapped a quick salute.

“Hi guys,” Dry said. We exhanged greetings.

“Not trying to be rude, but why did you guys need to see us?” i asked, unable to hide my curiousity.

“Well, almost every CP army has been overthrown.” Sighed Dry, sinking into his chair. I gasped. No, gasped isnt appropriate for what i did. I had to hold on to my chair for support. This was not something i thought would EVER happen. I looked at Packer. His face was white. “Akabob overthrew Person and has turned most of the Nacho Army against him. Person does have a 50-man personal army at his disposal. The same thing happened to Iceyfeet of the IW. The Golds leaders were killed. UMA’s leaders survived and are at civil war. Every leader involved in RPF was killed, and Commando tried return as leader, but now about 3 forces are trying to cease leadership of it. WW was completely destroyed.”

Packer found a hole in what Dry had said very quickly. “Er, well, if what your saying is true, then how come none of this has been on the news?” he said.

“Well, this is all top secret for the time being. We told all news companies that anyone who reported this story that they would be thrown in jail.” Meat said, stepping forward.

“So,uh, what do you want us to do? Why only tell us?” questioned Packer.

“Well, for one thing, we believe that this is all linked to the ACP rebellion 2 months ago that you two helped destroy. For another thing, ACP SWAT Teams are going in to servers and rescuing leaders of major armies. They are going to be brought back here for meetings with us and a few select people, which means you and Packer. We want you two to lead the operation of rescuing Person.” said Dry.

“Ok.” i said. “Who’s in our SWAT team?” ACP SWAT teams had started being deployed about a month ago for civillian riots, crimes, etc. Now sometimes they were being trained to go into enemy servers, war time or not, under heavy fire, and attempt to settle fighting. “Youll see.” smirked Dr. Nono as a door opened. Tylov5, EnnBay,lasgae95, Sonic, and Unicow came in. Kt and Fox went over to them. “Your team would be us.” Fox said.

“We dont get anyone else from our team from the ACP rebellion?” Packer asked as we stood up.

“Well, Bfan and Anchor Lad are dead, Boomer is now an ACP investigator and no longer goes on the front lines, and Thom is stationed at an outpost on Snow Fort.” Said Meat.

“Umm, if Kt and Fox are coming, how come we’re leading this operation?” i asked.

“Because we know that you can handle it.” replied Nono. The team went into the weapons room and grabbed equipment and weapons. I grabbed a riot shield, put on some protective padding, took a few grenades, and took a brand new shotgun. This thing had a scope, and somehow the ACP inventors made it be able to have a range of up to 50 yards, unlike older shotguns, which were only good for close-quarters. “Person and his personal army have made the rendezvous point at Fjord Cove.” said Dry, walking in. “The heliocopter is ready. Good luck.”

New team, new game, new rules. Here we go.

Chapter 2: Escape By Nachos

Outskirts of Fjord, Nacho Territory. 5:00 PST.

“Ok, we are circling the rendezvous point. No sign of target.” Said the helicopter team into my commlink. We were inside the helicopter, waiting for some signal that Person was there.

“Doesnt look like he’s down there.” said Sonic.

“Looks like we’ll have to go down there and look for him.” I said, standing up. “Everyone grab a parachute. Were going into the water, dumping the parachutes, and we’ll swim to the cove.” We all strapped on our parachutes. Tylo went down first, jumping out of the helicopter. The parachute would open automaticly at the correct altitude. One by one, we all jumped out of the helicopter. Once we were all in the water, the helicopter flew away.

“Signal us when you have the package.” the helicopter pilot said.

“Ok. First, uh does anyone know if the guns and the equipment works underwater?” asked Packer.

“Yes, all guns and equipment are operational to over 40 ft. underwater.” commented Tylo.

“Ok, now, lets get going, i guess.” said Kt. We dumped our parachutes and started swimming towards land. When we finally got out of the water, freezing, we looked around for person. He wasnt there.

“I dont think he’s here.” whispered Sonic. Wind came in long gusts, making us freezing.

“Oh, im here.” said a voice. Person stood up. He had seemed to come up from the grass. He moved his hand upwards. About 50 well armed nachos stood up as well. Kt moved towards Person and shook his hand.

“Well, you called us to get you out of here, and now were here. Lets go. And,uh, you cant bring your personal army with you. We only brought one helicopter.” he said.Person signaled his troops.

“Assume your positions in the Nacho Army again. Attempt to take down Aka from the inside. Do not engage them in open warfare. You will recieve more orders from me later. You know how. Fall out. Report back to commanding officers in the Nacho Army saying that there was no sign of me.” he said. They nodded and silently fell back. Within seconds they were gone, as if they were never there.

“Ok, lets get moving before somebody sees us.” Ordered fox. I opened my comm link directly to the helicopter.

“We have the package. Come back in and pick us up before were seen.” Static crackled. “Ok, were coming in. ETA 2 minutes.” answered the pilot.

“Theyll be here in 2 minutes.” i told the group. They nodded. A helicopter came out of the distance, not like from the ocean, like the ACP helicopter, but it was coming in from the rest of the server. Spray painted on were the words “NACHOS PWNS YOU.”

“Crap, Nacho helicopter approaching.” said Enn. I got back on the comm. “Where the hell are you guys? Theres a nacho helicopter approaching us.” i whispered angrily.

“Were coming, were coming.” came the reply. I turned back to the team.

“Anyone got an RPG?” asked Tylo.

“I have one.”  commented Packer.

“Ok, shoot the nacho helicopter before it sees us.” Ordered Kt. Packer took out the RPG, loaded it with a rocket, aimed, and fired. It hit the helicopter dead on. The helicopter went down. Sirens were heard. Loud noises could be heard all over the server. Our helicopter came.

“Everybody get in! Lets get outta here!” I yelled, and we climbed in. Packer screamed “GET US OUT  OF HERE, SOLDIER!” at the pilot. We flew away in the helicopter. Little did we know that ACP would be in a state of emergancy upon our return.

Chapter 3: nIkP Samias

As we approached Breeze, i radioed Dry.

“We have Person and we’re approaching Breeze.” I said to Dry.

“Ok, good, we have Iceyfeet here too. We need to have a meeting, and quick.” Came the reply.

We landed on Breeze and we escorted Person to the meeting room. Kt and Fox walked in with Person. We walked in after them and closed the door. The leaders of ACP and Icey were sitting in chairs around a table. We all grabbed chairs and sat down.

“Ok,” said Dry. “Who has any ideas as to why this may have happened? Why have all the armies suddenly turned on their leaders?”

I stood up. “Remember the rebellion ACP had a few months ago? One of their leaders, Mitch, got away. But suppose that other armies were involved in it? The last thing Mitch said to me before fleeing was ‘This isnt the end, this is just the beginning.’ What if other armies were in on the plot?”

Person sighed. “Dammit, i shouldve known. I think Mitch met with Aka a few days before he took over.” Everyones head snapped up.

“What?!” Demanded Dry. Person shrugged. “He was seen by a low ranking officer going into a place where Aka was. I didnt believe him.” Now Dry sighed.

“Well, that stinks. Now there is something else i must ask. You two will be supporting us in the upcoming war, i suppose?” Kt started. “Wait, who said anything about a war?”

Dry stood up. “There is no possible way that we cannot avoid a war. UMA has been overthrown. The loyalist IW has won their small civil war. They will be helping us. We are practicly alone. We must win.”

Just then, a voice came over the intercom. It was a loud voice, and it demanded attention. “Hello ACP.” We all froze. None of us had said that. It was not a voice any of us recognized. “We are coming for you. The war has begun. I have returned for my vengeance. Prepare to be destroyed. Yours truly, nIkP Samias.”

Meat was the first to recover. “Who the hell was that?”

Packer shrugged. “I dont know, but they definetly arent in ACP.”

Fox got a confused look on her face. “nIkP Samias, Who the heck is that?”

“I dont know,” I said. “But we have to find out.” Right after i said this,  a burst of yelling came out of  Dry’s radio. “Sir, were under attack.” said a soldier through it. “Its the UMA-theyre attacking! Send backup immeadietly! OH MY GOD, ITS PINK-ITS PINK -” The line went dead.

Chapter 4:

Dry was the one who figured who had sent the message. “Get Oagalthorp on the phone. Now.” he ordered. Somebody gave him a phone. “Hello? Oagal? Yes, we have a situation. We may need you. Code…Pink.” At this point, everyone else in the room was confused. The ACP didnt have a code pink. What was going on? Dry turned to us.

“You guys are obviously confused. Code Pink is something only the leader of ACP is told about when he or she is appointed. It stands for Code Pink Mafias.That may have been him.” We all gasped. Pink Mafias was the legendary founder of UMA, and probably the biggest ACP hater ever.

Meat was the first to recover. “But, thats impossible. Pink Mafias is supposed to be in jail. He was put in jail forever after ACP and RPF defeated him.”

Dry sighed. “This was another secret that only leaders were told. Pink Mafias escaped shortly before Oagalthorp retired. We have been on the lookout for him for years. I guess he’s returned. Now, i want you guys to raise the alarm.” he nodded towards me and Packer. ”Prepare the soldiers for battle.” We ran out to the main operations room. I hit the PA system button and spoke into the microphone. “Attention all ACP soldiers,” I said. “We are about to enter a state of war. Prepare for battle. Patrol server borders.” I then hit the big red button labeled “ALARM.” Enn came over and hit a few buttons, sending the same message to other ACP servers. We then got back into the meeting room and told Dry that the soldiers were notified.

Just then, a tall person walked in. “Youve found Mafias?!” He half asked, half exclaimed. Dry stood up. “Oagal, yes we have.” He turned to us. “Guys, this is Oagalthorp.”

Meat sneered. “What is Oagaldork doing here?”

Oagal gave Meat a look of clear loathing. “Im here because i fought against Pink Mafias. He’s brutal. If you guys want to beat him this time, your going to need help. Im also here because if we capture Pink, then im going to kill him. No bothering with throwing him in jail.”

An ACP soldier’s voice came through Dry’s radio. “Sir, we have found 3 unidentified ships off the coast of Breeze. We believe this is the UMA.”

Dry picked up the radio and spoke into it. “Good. A team will destroy those ships soon.” He nodded towards me, Packer and the rest of the team. “That would be you.”

Chapter 5:

“Approaching ships. You guys ready?” asked Packer as we scuba dived towards the ships. 15 other soldiers swam next to us, in a V formation. The best of the best. They all gave us signs that meant “Yes,” in some way or another.  We split into 3 groups of 5 people. One for every ship.  The group under my command went to the ship in the middle. “Cables ready?” i asked. They gave me the thumbs up sign. “Go.”

We shot our cables up. They hit the railing around the side of the ship. We started to climb up. At the same time, Packers group and Motor’s group would be doing the same thing. There were 2 guards, wearing UMA uniforms. I nodded towards las, who took out 2 knifes. 10 seconds later, the guards had knives in the back of their necks and were tossed overboard. A message came in from Breeze Central Command.

“The UMA has a hostage on this ship. I repeat, there is an ACP hostage on the ship.” A clear voice came through my comm.

“Copy that,” I said, taking out a gun. We walked down a staircase. “Turn on helmet thermals.” whispered Batin. Batin was still recovering from being shot in the head during the rebellion, but he insisted that he was fine, despite his loss of some site in his left eye. We turned on our helmet thermals, and according to them, there were many people in a room to our left. I motioned to our team and we stacked up along the wall. I put my ear on the door, and tried to listen to what was going on in there. I caught a few sentences of the conversation.

“How do you hack into the system?!” A man’s voice, cruel and deep.

“I… i, i dont-”  I heard the unmistakable sound of a hand slapping a face.

“Dont lie! We know you know how to!” I gave the team a signal, and they got into breaching positions. Sonic placed C4 on the door. We leaned against the wall. Sonic blew the C4. The door exploded. Me and Batin came in first, shooting the person closest to the hostage. The rest of the team came through. Within 30 seconds, we had killed most of them, and Batin had one of them on the ground.

“This guy’s a UMA General, he has the symbol on his uniform.” Batin explained. The General was unconcious. We turned towards the prisoner. He had a bag over his head. las went over to him and took the bag off. I didnt believe it when i saw the person’s face. Uno.

                                                                                        *                                                               *                                                                   *

“It must be done. We cannot trust him.” scowled Aka. He and Pink Mafias were back at the Nacho’s capital, Fjord, discussing strategy. They were waiting for Mitch to return with the codes to take over all of Club Penguin Armies nuclear weapons.

“If there is any other way-” Started Pink, but Aka cut him off. “There is no other way. We have to do it.”

5 minutes later, Mitch walked through into the room. “I have the codes!” He said, waving a flash drive in the air as he came up to Pink and Aka.

“Good.” said Pink as Mitch handed the codes to him. “This will work the weapons. Now, wheres my money?” Pink and Aka had told him he would recieve 2 million dollars for getting the codes for them. Pink pointed to a couple boxes in the corner of the room. “In those boxes. Now, goodbye.”

Mitch didnt have time to react as Aka shot him in the head, chest, and limbs within 10 seconds.

                                                                                                       *                                                 *                                                             *

Uno was dead. But he couldnt be. He was standing right there. I had shot him months ago. He should be dead. But he wasnt. I pointed my gun at him.

“Explain.” Uno apparently hadnt noticed me until that point. He screamed “Klug! I can explain, for why im still alive, and for why i was in the rebellion.” There was a loud bang from outside. Packer’s voice came over our comms.

“Klug! Get the hell out of there! They know we’re here! Motor’s team has already taken off in the helicopter.” I sighed.

“Copy that, were on our way,” I muttered into the comm. Batin went and picked up the unconcious UMA General. “Lets go!” he ordered as we headed out of the room. “Uno, stay close to me and dont think about trying anything.” I told Uno. We moved up the stairs, and were suddenly caught under a hailstorm of bullets.

“Cover! Cover!” Screamed las as we ran for somewhere to take cover. 5 UMA soldiers were storming down the stairs, each carrying assault rifles. I took out a grenade and pulled the pin. I threw it as hard as i could at the closest UMA soldier, and it hit him in the face. He moved his hand up to cover his throbbing face, and could do nothing as the grenade exploded and killed him. Sonic and las were spraying bullets everywhere, trying to hit the UMA soldiers. Packer’s voice came onto our comms.

“Where the hell are you?!” he asked.

“We’ve run into some resistance. We’re coming.” I took out a knife and threw it at a UMA soldier, and it hit him in the foot. His face contorted in pain, and Sonic shot him. The remaining soldiers started to retreat. We started running as fast as possible, with Batin carrying the UMA General. I started talking into my comm.

“Packer, Motor, were on our way out. Get the damn helicopter to help us out!” I yelled into the comm as we reached the deck of the ship and ran for cover.

“On our way, Klug.” Came Packer’s response. We looked around. There was nobody on the deck of the ship.

“Where is everyone?” Asked las, coming out from his cover. A message from Central Command came into our comms. A loud noise was heard overhead. We looked up and saw the helicopter landing in front of us. We ran in on the side. Batin put down the unconcoius UMA soldier, and Sonic got on the turret. Uno sat down next to me. I looked at the pilot.

“Lets get the hell out of here. Were missing all the real fun.” I then looked at Uno. “Now is the time to explain.”

Uno sighed. “Ok. I was in the rebellion, im not going to deny that. You want to know how they had so many soldiers? They hypnotized and brainwashed ACP soldiers they met in combat. The ACP soldiers would pretend to be dead, and would sneak off when they got the chance. I was hypnotized. You probably want to know why im not dead, also. Ill tell you one thing. I should be dead. Your bullet wound was killing me. Pink Mafias found me. He made a new identity for himself after he ran away from jail. He then joined the ACP, and he was one of the real masterminds behind the rebellion. Him, Akabob, Mitch and Shab. Anyway, Pink Mafias found me and saved me. He revived me, and i soon learned that i was no longer hypnotized. Once Pink realized i was back to normal, about a month ago, he took me prisoner. I was sent on this ship to answer questions on how to hack into the ACP’s command system. Now that Pink is back, UMA is huge. Every living soldier that fought under Pink last time has come back to take revenge on ACP. This is going to be costly.” Batin, las, and i were staring at Uno with their mouths open. We all said the same thing.


Chapter 6:

“Sir! Were under heavy fire from the air! Confirmed Nacho and UMA soldiers invading! We need backup!” The messages were more or less the same. Dry had been getting messages like these for over half an hour. The Nachos had split into 3 groups and were invading many ACP servers, aided by UMA. UMA was huge now. After hearing that Pink Mafias had returned, almost every alive UMA soldier in history had came to get revenge on ACP. About 15 minutes ago, Icey had departed to round up the IW, who were going to help ACP defend their servers. He turned to the other leaders of ACP. “Guys, we need backup. The IW should be here soon, but intelligence is saying that the Nachos have blasted their way into one of the tunnels that lead to the base. We need a team to go down there. This mission is of utmost importance.  If we can defend the underground, we can storm out of  there and push them back further. We need a team to ambush them. If they get past the tunnel, they can come in here and destroy Central Command. We cant let that happen.”

“So, who do we send?” asked Kt.

“Im sending Klug, Packer and Motor’s unit. Theyll regroup with Larry and ambush the Nachos. Uno will go with them. They sent on to me what Uno knows.”

                                                                              *                                       *                                 *

The helicopter landed, and we poured out. Larry, Packer’s brother, and a few other soldiers were standing there.

“Good to see you made it back in one piece, guys. Unfortunately, your not getting a break. We have orders to go into one of the underground tunnels and ambush the Nachos coming through.” We all jumped as the ground shook with artillery fire in the distance. Larry looked around nervously. “We better get going.”

“Wait,” I said. “What about him?” I jerked my thumb backwards to Uno, who was standing there, not sure what to do. “He’s coming with us,” said Larry. I picked up a gun and handed it to Uno.

“I havent used a gun in a long time.”  whispered Uno. “Well, you better remember, or your gonna get us killed. Lets get moving.” Ordered Motor as we set off to the tunnel entrance. As we ran there, we could hear the sounds of gunfire coming from everywhere. After about 5 minutes we reached the entrance to the tunnel. As we reached the tunnel entrance, Batin whispered “las, take point.”

las moved up ahead of us and we went in to the tunnel. There were no lights on. “Powers dead. Switch to night vision.” whispered Packer. As we moved into the middle of the tunnel, we took up position around the sides of the tunnel. After a few minutes, we heard loud noises coming from about 20 feet away from us. Eventually, the ceiling caved in, and through the night vision, we saw about 15 Nachos jump down through a hole in the ceiling. They looked around, ready to shoot anything that moved. They didnt. They moved more quickly now, confident that there was nobody here.

“The ACP is so stupid, not thinking to defend this tunnel.” one of the Nacho soldiers said. They continued to walk around, making  jokes about ACP.  Motor gave us a sign to fire on 3. 1….2….. i thought in my head, bringing my gun up. One of the Nacho soldiers turned around and saw me.

3!  I squeezed the trigger of my gun, and watched the Nacho soldier go down. We all opened fire on the Nachos, who dived for cover, not sure where the fire was coming from. We kept the fire up, raking the ground with bullets. The Nachos couldnt even look up for fear of getting a bullet in the face. After we hastened the fire a little bit, the Nachos got some confidence back. They returned fire, hitting us with all they had. We dived for cover, but it wasnt really needed. The darkness had made everyones aim poorer. Through the night vision goggles, i saw a Nacho soldier take out an RPG.

“RPG!” i yelled. “GET DOWN!” We all dived onto the ground. Packer and Larry were a little late. The Nacho soldier fired.

                                                                              *                                                         *                                                            *

“What are you guys doing, standing around here?” Dry demanded of Meat and Ktman, back at the command station. “Get to your stations so you can get orders to your Generals!” Meat and Kt had been standing there, looking at each other nervously, seemingly in a silenced discussion. They nodded, and tackled Dry.

“Argh- What the hell?!” Screamed Dry as he went to the ground. Meat pulled a pistol out of his pocket. “Were going to kill you, Dryvit. But first, were going to make you watch your troops suffer.” They tied up Dry with some rope and gagged him. Dry wondered what the heck was going on. It was not like Meat or Kt to betray him. Dry wondered if they were in cahoots with the Nachos and UMA. Kt seemed to have read his mind.

“No, were not in league with the nachos and UMA. Were just here to kill you.” Meat then proceeded to get a commlink, and barked out orders to ACP soldiers that more or less sent some on suicide missions.

I gotta get out of here… thought Dry.

                                                               *                                              *                                              *

Everything was going in slow motion. Packer and Larry were on the ground. Uno was screaming. The Nachos were firing at us with no mercy. Motor and las were firing back. Batin was throwing a grenade. I got up and started firing. There were about 5 Nachos left. I quickly glanced at Larry and Packer. Packer wasnt moving, Larry seemed to be unconcious, but stirring. “Guys, we need to get the Nachos outta here! Packer and Larry need medical help!” Batin nodded, and picked up an RPG that was lying on the ground next to him. He pointed it to the ceiling between us and the Nachos. He fired it. The ceiling came crashing down between us, creating a wall. We ran over to Larry and Packer. Uno checked if Packer’s heart was still beating.

“He-hes dead.” Uno whispered. Tears clouded my eyesite. I couldnt believe it. Packer, who had fought beside me for as long as i could remember. He was dead.

“W-what about Larry?” whispered Motor. He too, was holding back tears. We all were. Uno moved over to Larry, and checked for a pulse.

“He’s alive,” he said. “Just barely.”

“Well, we need to get Larry medical attention immeadietly.” said las seriously. “Lets get moving back to base.”

The Final Chapter:

Get the planes ready,” Aka barked at Nacho soldiers. In a matter of minutes, the ACP would be destroyed. Of course, there would still be some scattered around, but they would either surrender or be crushed by UMA and the Nachos. In a few days, they would do the same to IW.  Any army that stood in their way would be destroyed. They would rule all of Club Penguin.“Planes ready, sir.” said a UMA soldier reported to Pink and Aka.

“Good.” said Pink.

“Send the planes out. Blow it.”

And nobody thought to shoot at 15 black planes loaded with 15 nuclear bombs crashing into 15 ACP servers.



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