The Story of a Soldier By Batintrenche

Chapter 1

            The dim brightness of the late night’s setting sun gleamed against Batintrenche’s face. Salty half-hearted tears were rolling down his face. What was going on you may ask? Well, the truth is that Batin was remembering. He was remembering the good old days. When he was a boy, and would play with his brothers and sisters. Back then war was just a game, something triumphant and proud. Now it had become spiteful and very, VERY frightening. The sun was setting behind the distant hills, as if trying to flee from the horrors of war that were going on. Batin dreamed of long gone, peaceful, not returning time, a time where nothing in the world mattered anymore. Oh, how he longed to be back in Saskatchewan, playing with his siblings and living with his parents. But that wasn’t what was happening.


            Batin snapped back into reality but didn’t turn around.

            “Sir Do you want a tissue?” It was Sonic the 1, Batin knew his voice well.

            Batin answered sharply, “No, I’ll be heading off to bed now.”

            “Alright sir-“

            “And quit calling me sir!” Batin hated that ever since he started to become a higher rank than other people.

            Sonic ran off into the darkness that the sun had left them in. His young spark gave a bounce to his footsteps. He was a true prodigy. Batin’s spark was nearing gone though; he had become the grumpy old General he used to fear and hate.

            But Batin lay down in his large tent that he shared with a few other Master Generals and Lieutenant Generals. Voices spoke to Batin in his mind when he tried to sleep, however. They told him that tomorrow would be a long day. And that some lives would be lost. Batin ignored it thought; it must have been his imagination.

            Slowly, his imagination went back to normal and he went to sleep.


Chapter 2

            Gunfire was what woke Batintrenche up, it wasn’t the loveliest thing that could replace an alarm clock but it was certainly much louder. Batin cursed under his breath, got up, and got his gun out. He walked out of the tent.

            “I can’t believe this,” Batin sighed.

            Crazy sombrero-bearing-penguins ran around like a bunch of drunken idiots firing their guns into the air. Batin fired his gun at them.

            “Erhm… sir-“

            “Yeah they’re Nachos I know,” Batin cut Robin888 off.

            “But you’re not supposed to shoot ‘em sir”

            “I’m just shooting their legs, who knows how much trouble thirty five drunken nachos can cause?”

            “Thirty four, sir you just killed that one.”


            The ACP that were in charge of the Nachos had wrestled them to the ground and had taken their weapons. By the way you might not know what “ACP in charge of Nachos” means but it’ll be explained later. It was then that Batin’s radio crackled.

            “Batin, we need you down here- Now!” It was Thomas0720

            “First of all, where is down here? And second it’s not the time!” Batin replied sharply.

            “We’re in the Commando valley, and Batin…”


            “ORDERS ARE ORDERS NOW HELP ME OUT DOWN HERE!!! And bring the Nachos too!

            Batin grumbled and shut off his radio, time for war.


Chapter 3

            Batin led the way into the valley, his synchronized ACP troops followed behind him each keeping a close eye on one or more of their Nacho weapons. Weapons? you may ask, but what I mean by that is the ACP had captured Nachos long, LONG, before this war. They had trained them as if life had no meaning anymore and had taught them that the only way to obtain pleasure was to fight the ACP’s enemies. Batin strongly disagreed with how the Nacho soldiers were being treated. They bypassed every single Penguin Rights Law ever made, and Batin hated that, but then again, it was all under Emperer Josh’s law. Yes, know I know what you’re thinking, you’re likely saying in your head, Emperer Josh as leader? Now way!!! But to tell you the truth, Josh and a few other of his Anti-ACP Cronies had overthrown KTman (Who was leader at the time) and had taken over the office. So that is how the ACP became such a horrible place, now, on with the story!

            The early morning sun shown bright over the troops that Batin lead, it was hot and muggy down there, terrible fighting weather. Finally, after what felt like days, they reached the near-bottom of the valley. Batin could here gunshots and see soldiers clustering about below him. “Right, operation overload,” Batin spoke, “Nachos, you guys charge and kill, that’s it. Got that guys?”

            A chorus of, “YES SIR!” was the reply

            “Right, go,” Batin shooed off his soldiers and followed in at the back of one of the crowds that would hopefully ‘overload’ the enemy. The overload tactic sent three groups of the soldiers to fight the enemy at either side. Usually, it worked.


Chapter 4

            The ACP guard walked down the dark, musty hallway. Prisoners on either side of him yelled at him, called him; PROUD!!! CROSS-GRAINED!!! A CIVIL SERVENT!!! Of course, all these things were true. The guard however told them to shut up.  He opened the door to one of the cages. Inside were two of the strangest penguins he’d ever seen, Person1233 and Packer1 NFL. The guard had only heard rumours about these two. Being a lieutenant of course he hadn’t got too many secrets gone his way but he caught one or tow now and then. The guard slammed open the door, “Oatmeal, eat up.”

            The blank, grim faces looked up at the guard not with any sort of care. The guard went with a second of awkward silence then finally said, “Okay fine, don’t eat the food, and die for all I care!” He slammed the jail cell door behind him.

            Packer and Person continued whispering, “But Person that’s the craziest idea I have ever heard!”

            Person scolded him and put his index finger to his lips, “Be quiet, they’re going to hear you.”

            “Yes they are,” echoed a voice from an adjacent room.

            Both Packer and Person became dead silent. Neither made a move or even breathed. Seconds passed, minutes passed eventually and Packer had to breath, needed to breathe! Finally Packer let out a long, large sigh. The person from the other room let out a chuckle.

            Packer spoke, “Wh-who are you?”

            “It’s really a shame that you’ve forgotten my voice Packer,” Came the reply.

            “Wha- y-you know who I am?” Packer managed to stutter.

            The voice came again, “Not only that,” There was a long pause, “You know who I am too.”


Chapter 5

            Operation Overload wasn’t going so well. Thom’s troops had to retreat so they wouldn’t loose any more soldiers. The Nachos were still just screaming at each other and laughing. And the Anti-ACP troops wouldn’t give up at all. So in a way it wasn’t the Overload plan that wasn’t going well, it was everything else. Batin ran by a few Nachos that were on fire and hid behind a large, wet rock. Batin fired his gun in to the mist, hoping he’d hit something other than ACP. Soldiers were running around screaming, this wasn’t going well at all!

            Sonic ran by Batin, “SONIC!”

            “Hello sir-“

            Batin cut him off, “First off don’t call me sir and second rally the troops and tell them to retreat!”

            “Yes si- I mean Batin!”

            Batin rolled his eyes and spread the word to more of his Lt. Generals and Major Generals. They ran up the hill, spread apart from each other so far that things were getting dangerous. Batin whispered to himself, “I don’t like this, not one bit.” Just then he heard a noise, a rumbling noise coming from over the edge of the hill. Batin signalled to his troops to fall back and so they did, most of them did. Others couldn’t see Batin signalling or else they were just ignoring him but either way they kept on running. Soon enough the soldiers were gun, and Batin heard explosions. His soldiers started freaking out, “CALM DOWN!!! CALM DO-“ Just then Batin saw over the horizon, he saw tanks, grey tanks, BIG tanks. Very, very scary tanks. “Oh… CRAP!!!” This likely isn’t the most encouraging thing to say in front of your soldiers, but Batin did so anyway.

            “Alright, I want you all to hide. No scratch that… ummm… RUN!!! Yes! Run down the valley! NOW!!! GO GO GO!!!”

            The soldiers booked it down the trail; all of the Nachos had died. Batin followed close behind his troops who were tiring quick considering all the armour they were wearing. Bullets and missiles came flying at them, faster than Batin could blink. Soldiers were either being shot or else ere tiring quick. That was when Batin heard the second rumbling noise.


Chapter 6

            The truth stung Packer, and it stung him hard. What he had heard was unbelievable to him. Packer had sworn he was dead. But no, he was right beside him all the time, likely eavesdropping on all of their conversations. On all their plans to escape, he had heard. This thought scared Packer considering the fact that guards could have overheard them talking as well.

            Packer spoke after a couple minutes of silence, “Whoa I still can’t believe it’s you KTman, I thought you were dead!”

            KTman responded, “Hah yeah at first I did too, but I suppose I’m not. Anyway, you two don’t need anything to worry about escaping, I’ve got it covered.”

            Person spoke this time, “What do you mean? How do you have it covered?”

            “Packer, I believe that these people are people who used to follow your orders. You too Person.”

            “You don’t mean-“ Packer considered this in his head but it seemed too unbelievable to be true.

            “Yes I do,” Was KT’s response.

            “The Uprising…”


Chapter 7

            The fast breath that Batin had been maintaining while running from the tanks and soldiers had all but stopped. Every soldier in the ACP had stopped, frozen in awe, their mouths hanging, as if they had forgotten all about the enemies that were a good hundred metres behind them. Over the tip of the valley cliff came a very deep rumbling noise, then the sun was blocked and it took a few seconds for Batin’s eyes to adjust. It was then, Batin saw the planes. HUGE planes that covered the sky. Planed that could have carried an army in them. These struck fear in Batin and in all of the soldiers there. These planes would bring them to their death, these planes were good? Good? Batin looked for a one mere more second and saw no large red ex on the hull of the plane, no Anti-ACP logo, none at all. Instead it was the six stars, the six stars of the ACP!

            “Right line up behind me, keep shooting behind let’s not forget about the enemy,” Ordered Batin. At first the soldiers knew nothing of what Batin was talking about but then they quickly discovered the six stars on the plane’s hull.

            The soldiers did as Batin said, it was almost a minute before planes actually started landing. “Hop on in,” Dragon 720 and Tylov5 were standing at the entrance to the plane, smiling.

            Houndy shouted from near the back, “BATIN? COULD WE START LEAVING?” this was due to the number of troops that were gaining on the ACP. Batin signalled his soldiers (and Thom’s) to hop on in the planes. Batin took the one with Draggy and Tylo and also, Houndy, Sonic, Edwadu, Thomas, Catdeman, Leoblue, Pinkgirl, Cristiano, and a few others.

            Large conversations had arisen among the soldiers, conversations that were abundant and full of energy. The kind Batin hated. He simply looked out the window at the disappointed Anti-ACP in the Commando Valley who so longed to kill Batin. He watched as the other planes took off and flew behind theirs. Batin was impervious of the conversations going on around him until, “Hey Batin!”

            Batin grumbled and kept looking out the window.

            “What’s it like to lead a couple hundred troops into battle Batin?” it was Uno.

            Batin’s head stayed glued to the window, no response.



            Eventually people began pegging him with questions and threw his name at him so hard it hurt. Batin tried to shut it out, tried to ignore it, but he couldn’t, “FINE! I’LL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION!!!”

            The soldiers all winced, except for Cat. She glared at Batin with a glare that could sting. Then she spoke, “Batin, you’ve been such a jerk. I mean… you used to be really cool and talkative… NOW LOOK AT YOU!!! Ignoring your own soldiers. What has it come to?” There was a long pause; Batin’s face lost all the blood that had rushed there from the yelling. Distasteful grimaces looked at Batin and cheerful smiles looked at Cat. Batin looked over the things he had done in the past month or so that had set his soldiers off. He had done some terrible things.

            Then, the thing the soldiers least expected to happen did happen. Tears rolled down Batin’s face. He couldn’t prevent them because when he tried more just came. Then Batin spoke, “Oh… my… GOD!!!” Batin was sulking now. He ran across to where Catdeman was sitting and hugged her. Hugged her sooo hard that Edwadu became uncomfortable and looked away. But this hug wasn’t a hug showing love. This hug showed a great friendship, Catdeman was Batin’s friend to do this. She did it for the betterment of Batintrenche himself. Batin whispered in her ear, “Thank you, so, so much.”

            The rest of the plane ride continued but was much more uneventful. Batin, though, had become more social again, and was chatting with his soldiers. Eventually, the plane came to a drop near Breeze where the soldiers were being taken. Breeze had basically become a crap-pile since Josh had taken over so none of the soldiers were really excited with going there. The plane landed in an airport and the soldiers of that plane and others dismounted.

            Batin stepped in the door of the airport and heard all the usual hustle bustle. He saw hundreds of soldiers who were scarred up and heading to a military base. He smelt the smell of… of… of Dragon’s perfume? “Hey,” Apparently she had crept over to Batin while he was standing there.

            “Hey,” replied Batin, “What’s up?”

            “We’re waiting for Tylo.”

            “We are? As in you and me?”

            “Yes, you and me,” Just then Tylo came running from the plane and waving. He swooped Batin’s left shoulder and Dragon took his right., “Ummm where are we going?”

            Dragon and Tylo glanced at each other than at Batin. “Look, Batin keep quiet until you’re in the room,” Tylo spoke

            “What room?” Batin stuttered, “Wh-What is this all about?”

            Once again, Dragon and Tylo looked at each other.

            Dragon answered, “The Uprising.”


Chapter 8

            Batin’s eyes widened to their full extent. Misbelief was the only thing that seemed to fill Batin’s mind. What he was seeing brought Batin back to the old times, good days with his fellow soldiers. When there wasn’t a care in the world. The soldiers sitting around this square table were the soldiers Batin remembered from when he was a Major General or a Lt. General, before the ACP was overthrown. Tylov and Dragon sat down at two of the three empty seats. The other nine seats were filled with soldiers he’d thought had been killed, retired, or even arrested. Only Tylo, Thomas and Draggy he had recognized from later battling. Bobcatboy, Divotoo, Wicket, Foxtails, Jediseth, Nate, Thebest, and Matt were sitting around this table. Batin’s jaw dropped and he started giggling uncontrollably. “Oh my god, am I dreaming?” Batin finally spoke, “Take a seat I guess?”

            “Correct,” Spoke TB.

            Batin sat in the empty chair, “Well, I see we’re having a little reunion here!”

            “In a way,” answered Bob.

            “Why exactly are we here other than ‘the uprising’ and what is ‘the uprising’”

            Fox answered this time, “Well, Batin do you remember a couple months back when Josh took over and Packer and Person tried to start a rebellion?”

            “Vaguely yes…” Batin breathed his answer.

            Fox kept going, “Well we’re going to finish the deed for them.”

            “How will we ‘finish the deed’”.

            “Simple,” spoke Wicket, “Kill Josh!”


Chapter 9

            This idea struck Batin, it struck him like the lightning that hits a guy in a field holding up a golf club in a thunder storm. Batin couldn’t prevent his jaw from dropping. This was a very scary thought, and to Batin it seemed impossible.

            “But, how?” Batin finally asked.

            “The plan,” spoke Tylo, “Will work; we just need your help!”

            “Are you in or out?” fox pressured.

            After a moment of thinking Batin responded, “I’m in.”

            A loud gasp fell upon the other twelve members, obviously feeling quite relieved.

            “So,” asked Batin, “Do I get to learn the plan?”

            “Oh yeah,” spoke TB, “Divo why don’t you brief him?”

            “Okay,” Divotoo spoke with the bright young gleam in his eyes, “So here’s how it’ll go; For starters, the twelve of us will take Thom’s soldiers off to the ACP’s major jail and once we break a couple out they’re pretty much all out. Another thing is that we’ll have the Ice Warriors support in this, so most of the soldiers will be busy while the Ice Warriors are distracting them. After this, you and your troops Batin, plus tylo’s, Dragon’s and a few other troops in on this will storm the government building. Well, not storm but basically Batin, you just order guards to move aside and they do it. Then walk your troops inside and send half of them to storm inside where a government meeting is taking place and shot everyone there. Pretty convenient, huh? So next, take your remaining troops and station them right outside Josh’s office. You and a soldier of your choice will go inside the office and kill Josh.”

            “And that’s an end to our nice little story,” told Nate.

            “Right,” said Batin, “When’s it begin?”

            “Right,” Wicket looked at his watch, “Now!”

            The soldiers in the room told Batin to follow them threw a side door that led down and under the airport so none of them would be seen. It moved directly outside to Downtown, Breeze, right outside the government building.

            Fox whispered in his ear, “Good luck!”

            Then they left, headed for the jail. But thoughts filled Batin’s head, first one was, “WHERE THE HECK ARE MY TROOPS?!?”

            “Hey Batin,”

            Batin whipped around, “Oh,” was the only thing out of his mouth. His whole army multiplied by three stood before him. “You guys… know?”

            “Oh yeah,” spoke Houndy, “Did you think we were clueless?”

            “No just—AH follow me,” was Batin’s reply.

            The plan was beginning.



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    “I’m just shooting their legs, who knows how much trouble thirty five drunken nachos can cause?”

    “Thirty four, sir you just killed that one.”


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